Friday, April 20, 2012

400-408 –  Stephen Moore, is on the editorial board of and is the senior economics writer for the WSJ, he was the founder and president of the Club for Growth from 1999-2004, and the founder of the Free Enterprise Fund.  He's worked relentlessly on tax reform – he's the architect of both the "flat tax" and "fair tax" proposals, and has worked for the Cato Institute, the Heritage Institute, and Americans for Fair Taxation.  Along with Arthur Laffer and Peter Tanous, he's co-author of The End of Prosperity: : How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen (2008).  He's a partner in Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics.

• Peggy Noonan (WSJ, 4/20/2012) America's Crisis of Character – The nation seems to be on the wrong track, and not just economically.

• Stephen Moore (WSJ, 4/18/2012) Buffett Rule Antidote.

• Stephen Moore (WSJ, 4/17/2012) Buffett Tax Baloney: The millionaire tax failed to get the 60 Senate votes necessary and went down 51 to 45. But Democrats vow to keep trying.

• Stephen Moore (WSJ, 4/13/2012) Obama Versus the Kids.

413-423 – Stephen Moore,

428-438 – Calls – What is someone's "fair share?"  Is it "fair" that the top 1% ($380K) pay 40%, the top 5% ($160K) pay 60%, and the top 10% ($113K) pay 70% of all federal tax revenue – while the bottom half ($33K) pay nothing?  

443-452 – Calls –

458-508 – Scott Daniels, Dean of APU's School of Theology ( and senior pastor at Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene (, his radio show "Faith Works" can be heard Sunday mornings on KKLA at 1130am.  His latest two books are:  The First 100 Days: A Pastor's Guide, and Seven Deadly Spirits: The Message of Revelation's Letters for Today's Church.  Scott and Debbie have four kids.  

Today, I ask Scott to talk about some of the academic threats to a Christian seminary or school of theology, namely, the effort to undermine the authority of scripture from one side and widespread anti-intellectualism from the other.  Many seminaries study God as a subject matter, as though He were a fictional being like a unicorn.

512-523 – Scott Daniels,

528-539 – Scott Daniels,  APU received a grant from the Kern Foundation to research the integration of faith and work, and it got me to thinkin'…. What kind of used car salesman would Jesus be?  Or Dodger GM?  Or hedge fund manager?  Or ??  

544-554 – Scott Daniels,

558-608 – (MY HOME RUN) Andy McGaffigan, former major league baseball player whom I played with on the Cincinnati Reds back in the 1980's joins us, along with this wife Jill, who just wrote a book entitled Run With Abandon (  They've been married for 31 years, and have sons Drew and Joshua, and daughter Robin and son-in-law Bryan, and two grandkids!

• Wikipedia, "Andy McGaffigan."  Andy pitched for the Yankees (1981), Giants (1982-83), Expos (1984), Reds (1984-1985), Expos (1986-1989), Giants (1990), and Royals (1990-1991).  Appearing in 363 games, winning 38, losing 33, and saving 24.  Striking out 610, with an of ERA 3.38.  Then this quote, "McGaffigan batted .048 in his career with 126 at-bats and 6 big league hits. His batting average is considered to be one of the worst all-time for pitchers."

612-623 – Jill McGaffigan

628-639 – (4X) Colton Dixon, got eliminated last night on American Idol, leaving the final six.  He had been criticized for being "too Christian," so for his last song, he performed his "favorite worship tune," Lifehouse's "Everything."  His final words were, "I am just so humbled and thankful for this chance given to me. We are all messengers. We are called by God to tell our stories. It's been so amazing. To all my fans, I could not have done this without you… it's amazing, and I just want to thank you so much."  THE FINAL SIX:  Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh.

644-654 – Calls 

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