Monday, April 23, 2012

400-408 – Norm Geisler ( is a patriarch of Christian apologetics in America – a seminary professor for the past 50 years, who's spoken or debated in 26 countries on 6 continents, and authored or co-authored of over 80 books and hundreds of articles.  On July 21st, Norm will accomplish the "80-80" – publishing 80 books by your 80th birthday!  He's involved with the new Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murietta, on the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College (  Today, he shares the story of what God has done in his life – from growing up in an anti-religious family, being illiterate in the 11th grade, and having zero apologetics material available to him in print because it simply didn't exist, to becoming the patriarch of Christian apologetics.  His students are your teachers, from Ravi Zacharias to William Lane Craig.

• Norm will be teaching a course on Christian Ethics at Veritas May 21st to the 26th at 6pm in the evenings – visitors get one night free.

• His latest two books are:  William Roach and Norm Geisler, Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation (2012).  And, Norm Geisler, Systematic Theology: In One Volume (2011).

413-423 – Norm Geisler

428-438 – We remember Chuck Colson, who died Saturday night, with John and Jim.

John Stonestreet, Executive Director of Summit Ministries ( for the past 10 years in Colorado Springs, National Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and host of The Point (, a daily national radio program that helps jumpstart our minds by "engaging real life in real time from a Christian worldview."  Check out Summit's great Worldview Chart here, or as a pdf.

Jim Liske, President of Prison Fellowship (, join us to celebrate a major news announcement! The Urban Ministry Institute ( has now been approved to enter all 26 California prisons!   Over the next 24 months, they will explode from 5 classes to 32 classes in the 26 prisons.  The annual cost of a TUMI student is about $1,200, and the typical timeframe is 3-4 years.

• Michael Gerson (Washington Post, 4/22/2012) Charles Colson found freedom in prison.

443-452 – John Stonestreet,

458-508 – Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, whose annual national conference, this year called Summit VIII (, will be down at Saddleback THU May 3rd and FRI 4th, featuring Francis Chan, Russell Moore, Rick Warren, Stephen Curtis Chapman and Dennis Rainey.  Jedd worked in the George W. Bush White House, running the office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives.  He and his wife Rachel have five children, one by adoption.

512-523 – Jedd Medefind

528-539 – Jedd Medefind

544-554 – Jedd Medefind

558-608 – Jim Wilder, is a clinical psychologist by training (Ph.D. Fuller), but a neurotheologian by choice.  Neurotheology is the intersection of brain science and the Bible.  He's been a Christian counselor since 1977, and today is the Executive Director of the Shepherd's House (founded 1971), specializing in trauma and addiction recovery.  His greatest interest is teaching the LIFE Model, a profoundly Christian guide to community-based counseling and maturity with the goal to create "self propagating recovery as the normal function of the church," based on the book The Life Model: Living from the Heart Jesus Gave You – 2000 (Amazon).  The portal website is

Save the Thursday June 28th Date!  Join me as I emcee an evening dinner celebration honoring the life and ministry of Dallas Willard and his wife Jane at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club, put on by Dr. Jim Wilder.  Tickets are $75 per person.  Go to for more info.

612-623 – Jim Wilder

628-639 – Jim Wilder

644-654 – Jim Wilder

LINER – How'd you like to be able to send your son or daughter to a great Christian school this Fall for half price?  Go to, click the "Half Off Tuition" banner, and check out the cool map with all the participating schools, and if this is a great fit for your family, be listening this Thursday, April 26th, right at 4pm, when I give out the special phone number, and if you're ready to put the whole one-half tuition on your credit card at that moment, you'll be getting one-half off your child's tuition this fall at a great Christian school this Fall.  For all the details, click the "Half Off Tuition" banner at  And remember, this is first-come first-serve, so go there now!

LINER –  Attention Pastors!  Our annual Pastor Appreciation Luncheon is coming up Thursday, May 17th, at Biola, with Family Life's Dennis Rainey.  Go to for more info.

LINER – The annual Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic benefitting Harvest Crusades is next Monday, April 30, 2012.  To show your support, go to