Thursday, April 19, 2012

400-408 – Carey Nieuwhof, Lead Pastor at Connexus Community Church outside Toronto, and co-author (with Reggie Joiner) of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community, joins us to talk about "Discipleship Discipline" – all about changing hearts not just controlling behaviors (  For example, every mom and dad naturally starts out as a Rule & Control Parent over their child, but as the teen years approach, mom and dad must learn how to become a Relationship & Influence Parent with their young adult.  Go to, and click "Church Finder" to connect with families using the Virtue Curriculum.  It's "orange" because that's what you get when you blend the red of family with the yellow of the church.  Carey and Toni have two young adults, Jordan (20) and Samuel (16).

• "Parent with the end in mind, what kind of a person do you want them to be at 25?"  

• "If you don't have the relationship, it's hard to have the conversation."

• "God doesn't want to be the fine China, he want's to be the everyday tableware."

413-423 – Carey Nieuwhof,

428-438 – Carey Nieuwhof

LINER – How'd you like to be able to send your son or daughter to a great Christian school this Fall for half price?  Go to, click the "Half Off Tuition" banner, and check out the cool map with all the participating schools, and if this is a great fit for your family, be listening next Thursday, April 26th, right at 4pm, when I give out the special phone number, and if you're ready to put the whole one-half tuition on your credit card at that moment, you'll be getting one-half off your child's tuition this fall at a great Christian school this Fall.  For all the details, click the "Half Off Tuition" banner at  And remember, this is first-come first-serve, so go there now!

From Dr. Larry Rosen, psychology professor at Cal State Dominguez Hills – Consider taking a "tech-break."  Tell your kids, your family, your classroom, etc., to check their smart phone for the next one minute, after which we're going to take a "tech-break" for 15 minutes, followed by another one-minute tech break.  You'll be amazed at how attention is increased for those 15 minutes.

443-452 – Carey Nieuwhof, How can dad's provide a better time for their kids than Facebook, Twitter, and Call of Duty?

458-508 – Jeff Vines, senior pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley (, and author of his new book Unbroken: Eight Enduring Promises God Will Keep (  Jeff talks about his recent anxiety disorder which has forced him to slow down – and he's only 47, a great athletic specimen, and would have never said he was stressed.  He and Robin have a son, Delaney 18, and a daughter Sian 16.

512-523 – Jeff Vines,

TH 523 – Don Rohde, sales manager at Galpin Ford for the past 39 years Call Don's cell at (818) 262-2092 and go see for yourself why they've been the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 22 consecutive years!

528-539 – Jeff Vines,

544-554 – Jeff Vines,  

558-608 – • Joe Beasy (& Shane Maquire), The Gold Guys (, with three locations: The Westside Pavilion on West Pico and Overland, The Brea Mall, and The Galleria at Tyler in Riverside.  I just got this neat email from them today at about 3pm….

Back on April 12th, we saw the story of Teejay on Facebook, and just had to do something.  Teejay is 14, and was recently diagnosed with Stage-4 brain cancer – he's been given about 6 months to live.  He created a bucket list, and in that list was the wish to visit Disneyland.  We called his family to see if we could help Teejay's dream come true – and it will!   Next Wednesday, April 25th, we're flying Teejay and 9 of his family members from Honolulu to LA for an all expenses paid – airfare, hotel, transportation, food, tickets, etc. – dream vacation.  We're going to meet Teejay on Thursday morning, April 26th, at the Disneyland front entrance, and see him off for his dream day vacation with his whole family.  We're blessed to be able to do this.

612-623 – Calls – Share your "intentional act of kindness" story with us!  Also, your chance to thank your anonymous angel!

628-639 – Calls – 

644-654 – Calls – 

• Fox News (4/19/2012) Pop artists turning to Satanic imagery to drum up controversy, sales, experts say.

LINER – The annual Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic benefitting Harvest Crusades is Monday, April 30, 2012.  To show your support, go to