Wednesday, November 16, 2011

400-408 – Jay Haizlip, founding pastor of Sanctuary Church ( back in 2002, featured in today's LAT.  Every Thursday evening, Aaron Morgan, the youth leader at Sanctuary, hosts an outreach called Skate Church, complete with ramps, jumps, wooden ledges… and the Gospel.  Sanctuary pastoral staff includes 3 former or current professional skateboarders.  They're located in Westminster, at the corner of Newland and Westminster, east of Beach Blvd. and south of the 22.

• LAT (11/16/2011) Church targets young skateboarders with skate park sermons

413-423 – Jay Haizlip

428-438 – Steve Arterburn, host of New Life Live (, heard weekdays at 2pm, and the guy behind Every Man's Battle (, will be featured tonight, tomorrow and Friday on NBC-4 in a feature entitled "Americas Secret Addiction: A Behind The Scene Look At Every Mans Battle Weekend."  Back in June, NBC4 sent a crew to the Every Man's Battle workshop in L.A., and this is their report.  There'll be a special report tonight on the 11pm news, and then Part 1 will air tomorrow at 5pm and Part 2 on Friday at 5pm.  A segment may also air right after Sunday Night Football.  To find out more about the Every Man's Battle Workshops, call 800-639-5433.

• Steve's latest book is entitled Walking Into Walls: The Five Blind Spots That Prevent God From Working In Your Life (Amazon), 1) Stubborn Resistance, 2) Arrogant Entitlement, 3) Justifiable Resentment, 4) Disconnected Isolation, and 5) Blind Ignorance. 

• Steve is guest-hosting for me next Friday, the day after Thanksgiving!

(:30) NBC4 Promo for America's Secret Addiction (11/14/2011).

443-452 – Steve Arterburn

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458-508 – Wesley J. Smith, is both an attorney and a bioethicist, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, and his Second Hand Smoke blog is available at First Things (  His latest is A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights.  Today we talk about the new effort to improve human morality, through something we can call "Better Morals Through Chemistry."  We also touch on the latest with the "rights of nature" movement and wacko environmentalism, and the other attacks on human exceptionalism – which, of course, is the Big Idea under assault.

• Wesley J. Smith (11/14/2011) Geron Abandons Embryonic Stem Cell Research!

• Wesley J. Smith (11/16/2011) I Told You The Fix Was In On Canadian Euthanasia Panel.

• Wesley J. Smith (11/15/2011) More Justice Less Secrecy

512-523 – Wesley J. Smith

• Wesley J. Smith (11/13/2011) Does Liquifying Remains Deny Human Exceptionalism?

528-539 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt, is Director of Reality Check (, 310-820-2560), sponsored by the Westside Pregnancy Clinic (, speaks to thousands of teens each year on sexual integrity.  She's here to give us a "reality check."

From the Website – Reality Check, sponsored by the Westside Pregnancy Clinic (WPC), is a unique sexual and relational health education program created specifically for middle and high school aged adolescents. This informative program is designed to prevent teenage pregnancy through the promotion of sexual integrity and emphasizes the emotional, physical and social benefits of postponing sex. From classrooms to assemblies, the message is presented through personal stories, and dynamic oratory. Our method equips adolescents with medically accurate information and resources they need to build healthy relationships, make educated decisions about their body and to increase their self esteem. These dynamic presentations are made available to schools and community venues throughout Los Angeles County.  Their four talks are:  1) Sex and Health (STDs), 2) Sex and Your Future (abortion/pregnancy), 3) Sex and the Media (porn), and 4) Healthy Dating and Relationships.

• Did you know that HPV is now causing more instances of throat and neck cancer than smoking?  Does your child know that "yes," you can get HIV-AIDS and STD's from oral sex.  25% of teen girls have an STD.  9 million girls, age 15-25, will get an STD this year.  Did you know condoms are only 50% effective against HPV, chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea?

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544-554 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt

• LAT (11/16/2011) Ex-porn actress Sasha Grey slams 'sanctimonious media' after her school visitSome parents in Compton complained about her visit to the school last week. "They could not find a fireman or a police officer?" asked parent Dudley Wheaton. "They had to get a porn star?"

558-608 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt

• NBC Philadelphia (11/16/2011) Man Blames Sex Tape Posting on Broken Heart.  A 20-year-old says his broken heart caused him to secretly post a sex tape of him and an ex on the Internet after their breakup.

Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children (Amazon).  God created literal "love drugs" that are released at orgasm to promote bonding with the other person:  oxytocin (M&F), vasopressin (M), dopamine (M&F), prolactin (M&F).  They are also released when you're alone.

612-623 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt,

Calls – What actually works to deter kids from being sexually active?  When you were in junior high and high school, was it the Christian-moral arguments, or the statistical-medical arguments that had an impact on you?  (The "God Talk" or the "Oozing-Blisters Talk"?)  Based on your own experience, if you were in front of your junior high youth group, what would you tell them?  If you could go back and speak with yourself, like a Back to the Future movie, what would you say to yourself to persuade you to make better life choices and not be "as" sexually active?  If you got pregnant really young, would having had a good sex ed class have prevented it?

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628-639 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt

644-654 – [DISCLAIMER] Joanna Hyatt,

• Detroit News (11/16/2011) U.S. boosts estimate of auto bailout losses to $23.6B.

• Fox News (11/16/2011) Solyndra Case Reveals Gateway Between Administration Loans, Obama Allies.