Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today, we're rescuing children in Mozambique through Cross International, with my buddy Tom Lewis  (, (888) 488-2008).  A "once for all" gift.

Your one-time gift of $68 rescues an orphan off the street and gently places them in a Christian home with a year's supply of food, clothing, medical care and even school supplies!  And they keep siblings together!  How about a family match, if you have three kids, how about rescuing three kids?

There are thousands of Christian families in Africa saying, "Yes, we want to take an orphan into our Christian hut, but we simply can't afford it.  But, if you help, if you pay for their expenses, then we will bring them into our families and care for them and love them for an entire year, and we'll teach them a life skill as well, and we promise to live out the gospel before them every day!"

Will you rescue an orphan right now?  Your credit card gift will begin working immediately to help a Cross Missionary place an orphan with a Christian family in just one week!  A week from today, next Wednesday, your rescued children will be safely placed in the arms of a loving Christian family if you give right now!

$68 provides care for a child in a Christian home for an entire year!