Friday, November 18, 2011

400-408 – Francis Chan (, best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and his latest, Erasing Hell,    founding pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, also sits on the board of directors of World Impact and Children's Hunger Fund, is now working on starting a church-planting movement in the inner city of San Francisco while also launching a countrywide discipleship movement.  He and his wife Lisa live in San Francisco with their five children.

• Christian Post (11/9/2011) Francis Chan Helps Plant Churches in Apartment Buildings.

The Tenderloin district of San Francisco is one square mile. There are 37,000 people in that one square mile living in 586 apartment buildings. And San Francisco City Impact wants to plant a church in every single one of those apartments.

// Christian Huang, operations director for the new initiative, told The Christian Post that Adopt a Building is filling a need in the community that wasn't being met before. It was the "missing component of City Impact," he said.

// The idea is simple. First they pick a building and get a prayer team together to start praying for residents in the building. Then a "grace team" is assembled to knock on the doors of every residence in the building.  Those on the grace team ask residents if there is anything they need: food, school supplies, prayer. In a video about the ministry Francis Chan says grace team members are really there to say, "We don't want anything from you, we just want to give."

// But instead of sending leaders they find in the building to seminary to become pastors, Huang says they will give them Chan's new discipleship curriculum that he is working on. The new curriculum is supposed to "train the average believer to get strong enough so they can make disciples themselves," according to Huang.

Leaders of the ministry believe someone will be found in each apartment building to lead a group of believers regardless of their level and knowledge of theology. "Many believers think they need to go to seminary, but were saying you don't necessarily need it to make disciples," Huang said. //

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458-508 – Bishop Ken Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church ( for the past 30 years, President of The King's University (, is out with his latest Knowing God's Voice: Learn How to Hear God Above the Chaos of Life and Respond Passionately in Faith (Amazon).  Ken asked for prayer because he will be preaching at a week of crusades in Dubai in January.  The renewed emphasis at Faithful is to equip everyone to make disciples, or as he says, to "build champions for divine deployment."  We need to "re-think" church.  What we do on Sunday is really more of an Old Testament model of Temple and Tabernacle of "Come", rather than a New Testament model of "Go."

512-523 – Bishop Ken Ulmer,

528-539 – Bishop Ken Ulmer,

Learning to hear God's voice depends on having a relationship with Him, since His kids know his voice.  His voice is most clear in the Scriptures, and his voice will never contradict His word.

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• CBS News (11/18/2011) Tim Tebow "Jesus" jerseys raise eyebrows.  Even if Tebow is now 4-1?

(:38) Audio of Tebow's touchdown against the Jet last night.

558-608 – Sheila Schuller Coleman, pastor of the Crystal Cathedral ( and daughter of founder Robert H. Schuller, talks about their bankruptcy sale to the Diocese of Orange yesterday for $57.5 million, allowing them to stay on the property for the next three years before having to vacate.  She posted a special announcement video on their homepage. 

• LAT (11/18/2011) Crystal Cathedral congregants 'devastated' by church sale.

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612-623 – Jim Wallis (11/17/2011) A Church Sanctuary for the Occupy Movement.  Sojourners' Jim Wallis says churches ought to feed, embrace, and even offer sanctuary to the Occupy Protesters this holiday season.  How do you feel about this?

It's time to invite the Occupy Movement to church!  And Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion.

// If our mayors and police departments are making the Occupiers feel unwelcome, why don't we welcome them to stay on our church property if they need someplace to go?

Open our church basements and parish halls as safe places to sleep — shelter and sanctuary as cold weather descends upon many of our cities.

// The Occupy movement needs a sanctuary. And what better safe and welcome place could these young people find than with communities of faith?

As we provide that safe sanctuary for a new generation of protesters who dream of a better world, let us also engage them in the spirituality of the change they seek. //

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•• Peggy Noonan (WSJ, 11/18/2011) A Caveman Won't Beat a Salesman.  Obama is somber but unserious. Glib unseriousness isn't the answer.