Wednesday, August 25, 2010

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400-408 –  • Beloit College, Mindset List For the Class of 2014.

• Houston Chronicle  (8/19/2010) Turn off gadgets, tune into loved ones.  Have you ever taken a "tech fast" as an individual or as a family?   Have you found that the internet can easily become a "time waster" and pull you away from friends and family?  Parents, have you implemented a "tech fast" on your children, maybe to cut down on costs?  Doesn't it communicate that your conversation is "really special" if you or the person your talking to turns off the laptop or smartphone?


428-437 Dr. John MacArthur, president of the Master's College and Seminary, and pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley (, author of over 6 dozen books, and heard weekdays at 6:30am and 7:30pm on Grace to You right here on KKLA.  And Grandpa MacArthur enjoys 15 grandchildren, 10 girls and 5 boys!

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• Today we talk about his MacArthur Study Bible that's now in 10 languages, and coming out this fall in Chinese and Arabic!   Amazingly, his website,, provides 2 million downloads a month of his sermons!  And, we also talk about his forthcoming book Slave, rooted in the evidence that "doulos" should be translated "slave" not "servant."

443-452Dr. John MacArthur

458-508 Sam Gallucci, pastor of The Harbor ( in Ventura, has developed a wonderful model for addressing homelessness that he calls "Operation Embrace."  He took out a lease on a run down motel, and then got together with 18 other local churches to restore it, so they could provide homeless families with a Christ-Centered Transitional Living Center right there in the heart of the city of Ventura – it's called The Kingdom Center (link).  Each church sponsors a room and is responsible for the family that stays there, including sustaining a relationship with them and bringing them to church.  According to Sam, "the church has forgotten their own Jerusalem, they have replaced their responsibility to the poor in their own city with sending missionaries to some foreign Samaria... We need to address our own Jerusalem."  You gotta love the church in action!  Watch the video!

512-523 Sam Gallucci

528-538Dr. Bill Sears (, is Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the UC Irvine School of Medicine, a medical and parenting consultant for BabyTalk and Parenting magazines, and for  The author of over 30 books on childcare, including his bestselling The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two. Today we talk about the concern many parents have with vaccinations, that there are "too many, too soon," and that there may be a link to autism and other maladies.  Dr. Sears says there is no scientific link at all, that it all started with a now-recanted article, was hyped in the press, and ended up causing an outbreak of many easily-preventable childhood diseases in Great Britain.  However, many parents are still scared.  In an effort to get more kids immunized, Dr. Sears and his son, Dr. Robert Sears, have come out with an alternative immunization schedule in their book The Vaccine Book.  He still encourages parents to comply with the schedule put out by the American Academy of Pediatrics, but for those still uncomfortable, he offers this modified schedule.  Dr. Sears has been wrongly labeled "Anti-Vaccine," when the truth is, he is very Pro-Vaccine.  Today we talk about it.

544-554 Bill Sears

558-608Bill Sears

612-623Bill Sears

628-638 Bill Sears

644-652Dean Owen, Director of Executive Communications at World Vision (, on the Ninth Circuit Court's decision yesterday.

• Christian Post (8/24/2010) World Vision Can Continue Faith-Based Hiring, Court Rules.

(:38) Tiger on divorce. (Tiger Woods speaking from a golf tournament in Paramus, New Jersey @ 8/25/2010).

• ABC News (8/25/2010) Elin Nordegren on Tiger Woods: I Was 'Blindsided' By Affairs, She Tells People Magazine.  How have you dealt with infidelity in your marriage?  If you stayed together, how'd you do it?  Are you taking any steps to "affair-proof" your marriage?  What advice do you have for others?  For those that have been cheated on, has your spouse been able to win back your trust?  Will they ever be able to?  For those that have cheated, what do you regret most?  What would you have done differently?

• LA Times (8/25/2010) Lindsay Lohan ordered to undergo strict outpatient program of drug testing, therapy.