Wednesday, April 7, 2010

400-408Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (, and co-author with Bishop Harry Jackson of Personal Faith: Public Policy.  Today we talk about what's going on with the census.

• FRC (4/6/2010) Census Bureau Violates the Defense of Marriage Act; Urges Reporting of False Data.

• FRC (4/7/2010) Nukes of Hazard?

• FRC (4/6/2010) Commerce, Come to Your Census!

413-423Tony Perkins

428-437 Jay Richards, Senior Fellow and Director of Research at the Discovery Institute (, and a contributing editor for the Journal of the American Enterprise Institute at, has two earned Ph.D.'s, one in philosophy and the other in theology, and he's the author of a wonderful Christian defense of capitalism entitled Money, Greed, And God:  Why Capitalism Is The Solution And Not The Problem (browse).

• AP (4/7/2010) Nearly half of US households escape fed income tax.  Recession, new tax credits have nearly half of US households paying no federal income tax.

My Summary:  In 2007, 38% of households paid no federal income tax.  In 2008, it was 49%.  In 2009, it's 47%.  A family of four making $50,000, with two kids under 17, pays no tax.  

The top 10% pays 73% of all federal taxes.  

The bottom 40% actually profit from the federal government, making more in tax credits than they would otherwise owe in taxes.

The "Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" were specifically, a reduction of the highest tax rate from 39.6% to 35%, and reduction of the second highest rate from 36% to 33%.  But tax rates were lowered for every income level too.

• Tax Policy Center (4/5/2010) 5 Myths about your taxes.

My Summary:  99.7% of those with annual incomes over $1 million pay federal taxes, averaging 27% of their earnings.  The average American pays 18%.

443-452 Jay Richards

458-508 Joel Rosenberg ( former communications advisor to the once-former and now-current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and million-selling author of such page-turners as The Last Jihad, The Ezekiel Option, The Copper Scroll, Dead Heat, and his non-fiction Epicenter.  His latest Inside The Revolution is now out on DVD as well  His forthcoming book, out in October, will be The 12th Imam.

• The Preach the Word Prophecy Conference at Harvest this Saturday is sold out, but you'll be able to watch the webcast at beginning at 8am.

• On Tuesday, Joel will be broadcasting live into Iran via satellite with Hormoz Shariat.

• AP (4/7/2010) Iran ridicules Obama's "cowboy" nuclear strategy.

• Fox News, AP (4/7/2010) Obama Bans Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document.

• Newsweek (4/3/2010) The Doomsday Dilemma: This Spring, Barack Obama will push toward his goal of a nuclear-free world. But the stiffest resistance may be at home.

• NRO Symposium (4/7/2010) Nuclear Posturing: Will the president's new policy shift make America more or less secure?

512-523 Joel Rosenberg

528-538Joel Rosenberg

544-554 Joel Rosenberg

558-608Greg Lukianoff, president of F.I.R.E. (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education,, is currently working on a book that he's tentatively calling Unlearning Liberty.

612-623Greg Lukianoff

628-638Dr. Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of the La Vie Christian Counseling Centers ( in Pasadena and Santa Monica.  His book, Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived, has sold almost a million copies around the world!  Listen to Mark teach on emotional and spiritual growth at  And, just for our KKLA listeners, call now for a free 50-minute session with a Christian Counselor by calling (800) 801-5242.

644-652Mark Baker

• John Stossel (4/7/2010) What Am I?

• The Washington Times (4/6/2010) Obama honors Christ's sacrifice.

(4:56) PO Honoring Christ full. (President Obama at the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House @ 4/6/2010)

(1:03) PO 1 Honoring Christ. Short clip 1.

(1:09) PO 2 Honoring Christ. Short clip 2.

• Alex Pollock (4/7/2010) How to Cut Government Pay: All the U.S. has to do is follow Ireland's example.

• The Vancouver Sun (4/2/2010) Children happier for being spiritual: study.