Monday, August 3, 2009

330-338Dennis Prager, ( heard weekdays 9-Noon on our sister-station 870 KRLA, talks about his new online website he's calling Prager University (  Their slogan, "Give us five minutes and we'll give you a semester!"
343-354Dennis Prager
358-408 – • Fox News (8/2/09) Grad Sues College for $70,000 Because She Can't Find a Job.  Are any of you now working in your major?  Have you ever worked in your major?  Would you select the same major over again, knowing what you know now?  Is the purpose of college, personal enrichment or job training?  Parents, what are you paying for?  Students, what's the purpose of your college education?  How many of you humanities majors would swap it for a business degree, or computer degree, or marketing degree?  If it's for personal enrichment, you can save lots of tuition money and wasted class hours by reading great literature on your own.
443-452Jonathan Rose, with the Capitol Gold Group (, on why now is still a good time to invest in gold (800) 510-9594 – Gold has increased by ~239% since the year 2004.  At a recent high of $955/oz, that's over two times the amount it was valued at five years ago!  Call now to get a Free Gold Guide & DVD… a $100 value! If you want to hear more, subscribe to The Gold Show Podcast. Listeners may also submit questions to Jonathan at
458-508 – • Fox News (8/3/09) Ryan O'Neal: I Hit on My Daughter at Farrah's Funeral.  Ever have a relative hit on you?
• Fox News (8/3/09) 4 Scorned Wisconsin Women Tie Up, Assault Married Ex-Lover, Police Say.  What's the worst thing you ever did to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?  Or, perhaps that was done to you?  Any regrets?
544-554 – • LAT (8/3/09) Bikini-clad baristas fill cups at Torrance coffeehouse. Parents, do you struggle with your teenage sons and daughter's over clothing?  How do you teach them modesty?  What rules do you have in your house regarding clothing?  Parents and wives: would you struggle with letting your husbands/kids go to this coffeehouse?  Should they have an minimal age limit on who is allowed to enter? 
558-608Calls.  How is it different than going to the beach for lunch?  What about nudity at a museum?
612-623 Calls. 
628-638Dennis Prager
644-652Dennis Prager
• Sun Sentinel (8/3/09) Lottery heartbreak: Wellington man says he lost $500,000 ticket.  Lottery officials investigating loss.  What's the most expensive thing you've lost?  What have you won?
• Washington Post (7/15/09) Obama's Scientific Peacemaker.
• LAT (8/3/09) Gay, lesbian priests among bishop nominees by L.A. Episcopal diocese Should gay and lesbian priests be able to serve in churches?  How can we stop this pattern?  Members of the Episcopal Church: what is your reaction to this news?

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