Thursday, June 11, 2009

This hour, I'm asking you to help 100 children Return to Hope.  Over the past several months, many World Vision children have lost their sponsors, and these kids are now in danger of losing their World Vision benefits. 
Can you imagine being one of these kids and being told that you've lost your sponsor after months, or perhaps years of getting accustomed to things like going to school, drinking clean water, eating good food daily, and getting that personal contact from your sponsor?
Right now, these kids aren't on anyone's refrigerator anymore, no one is writing letters to them, no one is praying for them anymore.
Only you can offer a Return to Hope for these children by re-sponsoring them for just about a dollar a day – a dollar a day that will provide them with access to things like a nourishing meal every day so they won't have to go to bed hungry anymore, and basic health care and immunizations so they won't get sick and die from easily preventable childhood diseases.  Just a dollar a day, pocket change, and you can give hope to a child.  Be their hope today at 866-817-HOPE.
Here's an example of a Return to Hope child that needs the hope your sponsorship provides…
And, don't forget, you can select the gender, age, and country of your Return to Hope child! 

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