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• Hugh Hewitt (6/9/09) GM: The MSNBC-Endorsed Car Maker.
"Briefly put: The socialization of GM severely disadvantages Ford, Toyota and other auto workers while undermining basic, bedrock principles of free enterprise, and I will not endorse the deal with my dollars and don't think any other car buyer should either."
"But I won't support a government-owned car company that tilts the competitive field against every other car maker, and the feds now own and control GM, and the new Government Motors has a $65 to $75 billion dollar advantage over the shareholders, bondholders and workers at every other car company in the country…A government-owned car company is a car company that can dictate who wins and loses and who gets the good deals. That's the danger of Government Motors."
(:25) Ed Schultz on 6/9/09 on MSNBC ranting against Hugh Hewitt's call for a boycott of Government Motors.
(:59) Ed Schultz specifically calls out Salem, including Prager and Medved by name, and caricatures their position as "if you hate Obama, then don't buy a GM or Chrysler."
(:36) Ed Schultz, says Hewitt is un-American, and calls for a boycott of Salem Communications.
(:11) From the movie "Network," "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" (YouTube)
413-423Do you agree with Hugh Hewitt or Ed Schultz?  Are you more likely or less likely to buy a car from GM or Chrysler now that the government owns GM?  Will you buy one to "support Obama," or not buy one to "not support Obama"?
438 [1:30] Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor aka "The Money Guys" at Applied Financial with 5 offices around the southland, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
458-508Sarah Jensen, has been the Director of the Adoption Center of San Diego since 1993 (, and helps us to understand some of the many myths about adoption – especially with regards to the birth mother.  Some have referred to her work pairing adoptive parents with birth moms as being like the "E-Harmony of adoption."
Dispelling of Myths about adoption. Why women choose adoption. Reasons women place their baby for adoption. Discussing why adoption is not a popular choice. Today, even in the church, if a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy she thinks she has 2 choices…abortion or being a mom, even if she's unprepared. Fatherless society-Many women choose adoption because they want their child to have a 2 parent family. Should pro-lifers be pro-adoption?
512-523Sarah Jensen
528-538Dr. John Townsend, ( clinical psychologist, leadership consultant, speaker, and author or co-author of 20 books, selling 5 million copies, including the 2 million copy bestseller Boundaries – and co-host of the nationally-syndicated radio program New Life Live ( heard weekdays here on KKLA at 2:00pm.  His latest book is Leadership Beyond Reason: How Great Leaders Succeed by Harnessing The Power of Their Values, Feelings, and Intuition.  And, his leadership coaching program is under way in Newport Beach, for details go to
544-554Dr. John Townsend.
558-608Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (, and co-author of Personal Faith: Public Policy with Bishop Harry Jackson, talks about nationalized health care.
612-623Tony Perkins
628-638Lynn Edgington, founder-president of Eagle Research Associates ( warns people about the latest scams, cons and rip offs.  This coming Monday night, June 15th, Lynn is hosting a free Identity Theft seminar at the Refinery at Saddleback Church – which is their Junior High and High School facility).  Get more information at  We talk about identity theft and affinity fraud.
• Here are a few tips.
• Never give anyone your complete social security number– only the last 4 digits.  And, obviously, never write your number down for anyone.  If anyone demands it – make sure they have a darn good reason why they need it and how you are supposed to give it to them.
• Re-print your checks but don't use your full name – use only your initials, e.g. "J.P. Doe."  Thieves will not know how you sign your checks – nor will they know what your first name is.
• Consider using a PO Box or business mailing address instead of your home address on your checks.
• Use your cell phone number in place of your home number.
• Never put your Social or Driver's License numbers on your checks.
• If you go to a store and for some reason their "check or credit card processing system is down" and they want to "IMPRINT" your credit card the old way – PASS ON IT!  You've just given multiple people your credit card number.
• Never use your personal MAILBOX to mail checks.  Always put payment envelopes directly into a USPS mailbox – never use your house mailbox with the flag up.  You're just advertising to hundreds of crooks  "come and get it."
• Reduce the number of bills you pay by check.  Instead, use your banks free bill paying service – or use an automatic bill paying service.  That way, you're protected against fraud and will have legal recourse should your bank or vendor contribute to some form of fraudulent activity through holes in their security.
• Buy and use a shredder to shred everything with any personal information on it – but especially all those credit card solicitations – your credit card statements, etc.  Ever notice how many have cash access checks enclosed?
• Once a thief has a starting point – your full name – address, etc. – you become more attractive as a victim.
• Never put personal information on public web sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc.  You're only advertising to millions and giving thieves all kinds of personal information – where you live – work – kids – when you'll be home and away – etc.  All of it is just another open invitation for them to "come and get you".
• You have 60 days to protest any credit card charges.  Be diligent to examine your bills very closely.
• Scammers often take a cell phone picture of you buying something on your credit card so they can guess your sizes when they try to present themselves as you.  This probably happened to Gina at Nordstrom's.
• Here's how the gifting scam goes down.  You get a check in the mail claiming you've won something but you're instructed to call an 877 or 866 number before you can collect.  You deposit the check and wire-transfer a portion of the money to somebody.  The original check comes back NSF and you've been had.
• Those electronic room keys that look like credit cards contain all of the information the hotel has on you, including your credit card info.  Treat the room key like your credit card.
644-652Lynn Edgington

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