Monday, March 16, 2009

• Allen Hunt (3/16/09) The Church's Obituary.
428-437I share my testimony.
443-452(:49) SNL does a skit mocking the ladies from the View, especially Elizabeth, on stem cells.
458-508 – • Frank Rich (3/15/09) The Culture Warriors Get Laid Off.
512-523Kristine Maxwell, an attorney with Huggins & Maxwell (, on the lasik horror stories out of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Before you get lasik, check out these sites:,  Caution is warranted when it comes to Vikas Jain, now operating out of Lasik First in Hawthorne.
528-538Jeff Pries and John Ward, the two creatives behind the Liquid DVD series (  Jeff is the Small Groups Pastor and on the Speaking Team at Mariners Church (, a father of 4, and the former 1st pick of the New York Yankees out of UCLA in 1984.  John is the president of Bay Ridge Films, and at just 25 years of age was admitted as a director member into the Director's Guild of America for his great work, including the film Enchanted.  John wrote, produced, and directed all seven of the Liquid DVDs (Money Talks, Live at 5, Mirror Image, Fork in the Road, Crossing, The 10's Vols I and II) – each one parallels books from the bible, giving them a modern context and feel.
544-554Jeff Pries and John Ward.
558-608Jerry Bowyer, nationally-syndicated columnist, CNBC contributor (, and chief economist for the Benchmark Financial Network (, on the scandal of the AIG bonuses.
612-623 Jerry Bowyer
• Credit Suisse, Monthly Mortgage Rates Reset.  We have hundreds of billions of dollars of ARMs that will be adjusting from May 2009 to April 2012, dumping millions of foreclosed homes into the real estate market that will likely drive down property values over the next three years.
628-638Jerry Bowyer
644-652The church needs to be both spiritual hospital and war college!
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