Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day
400-408Michael Barone, The "smartest guy in the room" on American Politics, senior writer for U.S. News and World Report, regularly seen on Fox News, (author of The Almanac of American Politics out every other year, next due out this summer), and blogger at
• Breitbart (3/17/09) NY atty gen says 73 AIG execs got $1M bonuses.  The top bonus was $6.4 million, the top seven got over $4 million each, and the total of the checks sent out last Friday was $160 million.
• Andrew Ross Sorkin (3/17/09) The Case for Paying Out Bonuses at A.I.G.
• WSJ (3/17/09) The Real AIG Outrage.
413-423Michael Barone.  This Friday will be Barack's two month mark, your assessment?  What about the whole Steele-Limbaugh "I hope he fails" controversy?  Is there a "Republican break up"?  What about the Obama tax attack on charitable deductions, is this a populist position?
• Politico (3/17/09) JournoList: Inside the echo chamber.
• Thomas Sowell (3/17/09) The Republican Civil War.
428-437Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Council (, and dean of the Liberty University School of Law (, his latest book is Same Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk.
443-452Mat Staver.
458-508Mark Brewer, senior pastor at Bel Air Presbyterian Church (  What is "Imagine"
512-523Mark Brewer
528-538Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship ( and host of Breakpoint ( heard weekdays at 4:55pm.
• Chuck Colson (3/16/09) Evangelicalism in America.
• Chuck Colson (3/13/09) Idolatry and the Financial Crisis.
544-554Chuck Colson
555  [1:30] Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor aka "The Money Guys" at Applied Financial with 5 offices around the southland, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
612-623 So the Pope's cross, take it off or leave it on?
628-638 – 2009 Frank Pastore Show Limerick Contest – Winner: Kira (8), Runner-up: Joshua (11), they'll both receive 2 tickets to Knott's Berry Farm and 2 awesome video games from Inspired Media Entertainment - Left Behind: Tribulation Forces and Keys of the Kingdom (
Joshua (11)
There once was a student named Shua
Who got a basketball that was brand new-a
He always played with that ball
At the new mall
And got a new pair of shoe-a's
Kira (8)
Pastore is modern and bold
His show never leaves you cold
He used to play ball
Now he's answered the call
To listen is worth more than gold!
644-652So the Pope's cross, take it off or leave it on?
• Dennis Prager (3/17/09) Brilliance is Overrated.
• Rebecca Hagelin (3/17/09) Teen Sex and Insanity.
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