Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feed the Children – Shoes for Darfur (877) 714 KIDS, or (877) 714-5437.
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Tony Sellars of Feed the Children shares the need for Shoes For Darfur, with audio clips from founder Larry Jones.
David Johnson and Laura Parker.
• Millions of children in war-ravaged Africa are desperately in need shoes!  We take them for granted, but shoes are a strategic life-saver because they protect children from all kinds of injuries – like thorns and sharp rocks in the desert, all the way to life-threatening disease –  particularly from worms, scorpions, bacteria, parasites, and other critters that enter the body through open wounds in the feet.
• Larry Jones, the founder of Feed the Children, has already distributed 40,000 pairs of these rugged, made-for-the-terrain, bacterially treated shoes since the window of opportunity opened on the first of the year.  There's no telling how much longer the door will remain open, so the time is now to make our move.  These children have been fleeing the Janjaweed, the "devils on horses," and it's our opportunity to now be "angels with shoes."
• A major US company that wants to remain anonymous has donated $21 million dollars!  676,000 pair of high quality shoes at $30 per pair!  The shoes are in port in Africa, we just need to get them out to the villages and the refugee camps in Chad and Darfur and onto the feet of the children.  The shoes retail here for $30, we're asking you to pay the transport cost of just $3 per pair to get these shoes onto the feet of the children in Darfur.
• $30 provides 10 pairs of shoes, and $300 provides 100 pairs of shoes to go on bare little feet.
• $60, 20 pairs, gets Larry's book is Keep Walking:  One Man's Journey to Feed the World One Child At a Time.
• For a gift of $2,500, we'll provide you a $3,500 KKLA advertising package.
"Shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace." --- Ephesians 6:14
1) (:25) Larry Jones speaks of the situation in Darfur those exiled to Chad living in huts with nothing.
2) (:28) Larry Jones continues to speak of the devastation and the lengths this group of people are going to for survival.
3) (:34) Larry Jones speaks of the importance of giving shoes to these children.
4) (:36) Larry Jones talks about his experience of putting the first pair of shoes on a little girl.
5) (:29) Larry Jones talks about how American's don't understand the impact of escaping for your lives.
6) (:22) Larry Jones speaks of the 6 containers of shoes reading to go to needy kids.
7) (:42) Larry Jones speaks to the resiliency of children and how Feed the Children is providing a place of hope.
8) (:59) Larry Jones tells the touching and tragic story of a grandmother and her grandson escaping from the Darfur.