Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today, you're going to rescue, restore, and rebuild the dreams of young families at the Dream Center!

Back in December, you rescued 28 young mothers and their children from their lives on the streets – from the back seats of their cars, from the seedy hotels and shelters, or God-knows-what – and moved them into their new home on the new Family Floor that you built at the sanctuary of the Dream Center.  

Today, we're going to restore and rebuild the dreams of these young families by providing the resources necessary to keep them in the safe and stable, nurturing environment of the Dream Center until they are skilled and capable of launching on their own.  These young moms are getting their GEDs, continuing their education, getting  vocational training, biblical counseling, learning about family budgets and financial literacy, all while their children are getting what they need through wonderful ministries of the Dream Center.  You are making it possible for many of these young families to maybe dream for the first time, you're literally building their dreams.

The cost to "rescue, restore and rebuild" the dreams of a young family is $233 a month, or $2800 for a full year – and the first 8 of you to do so will join us for a special lunch at the Dream Center with Pastor Matthew Barnett, Director of Ministries Kelli Bradley, and the moms and their kids. 

All gifts are welcome!  And, with Mother's Day this Sunday, what a great way to honor the moms in your life, by making a gift to these young mommies in your mother's name!  To help, call 888-799-49-99, or click on the "Rebuilding a Mother's Dream" Banner atop our homepage at

All of the operators either work or live on the Family Floor at the Dream Center – you may even get one of our two moms you rescued Priscilla or Gabby!