Tuesday, May 8, 2012

400-408 – Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe (, and is both an astrophysicist (Ph.D., University of Toronto) and a pastor, the author of fourteen books, including The Creator and the Cosmos: Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, and his latest (which I endorsed) entitled Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job: How the Oldest Book in the Bible Answers Today's Scientific Questions (Amazon).  And, check out their new 8-session small-group curriculum If God Made the Universe, Why Is It The Way It Is? (link).

(:29) Chris Matthews on gay marriage: "At least Democrats believe in evolution."

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458-508 – Dennis Rainey, President and CEO of Family Life (, 800-FL-TODAY), heard weekdays at 830am with Bob Lepine, is out with his latest book entitled Stepping Up:  A Call to Courageous Manhood (link),  that walks us through the five male life stages of boyhood, adolescence, manhood, mentor, and patriarch.  Dennis is also excited about their Homebuilder movement, built around The Art of Marriage curriculum (link).  Dennis and Barbara have four daughters, two sons, and 18 grandchildren!  Today, we talk about his follow-up to Interviewing Your Daughter's Date – and this one is for the parents of guys – entitled Aggressive Girls, Clueless Boys now available through their website.

LINER [HOURLY] –  Pastors, you're invited to our annual Pastor Appreciation Luncheon next Thursday, May 17th, at Biola, with Family Life's Dennis Rainey (heard weekdays at 830am).  And, to all of our listeners – listen up! – y'all come to our big, free, listener event for you that evening at 7pm at Biola also with Dennis Rainey.  Both events are free, just pre-register at

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544-554 – • This Thursday, May 10th, Birth Choice Health Clinics – now with 8 medical clinic locations – will be celebrating 31 years of pro-life work, and you're invited to celebrate with them at a free event they're calling "Igniting the Movement" and it will be held at the Crystal Cathedral.  Joining founder Kathleen Eaton will be Lila Rose, pastor Jack Hibbs, and Kristan Hawkins, with special music by Evan Wickham & Band. Doors will open at 6pm and the program starts promptly at 630pm.  There'll be desserts and refreshments immediately after the program.  Admission is free, but you must reserve your seat in advance by going online to click on the red "Donate" button, or by calling 949-916-0647.  

558-608 – Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of La Vie Christian Counseling Centers (, KKLA Helpline (800) 801-5242) in Pasadena and Santa Monica, and author of the million-copy bestseller Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever LivedThere are 9 basic emotions:  Anger, Fear, Sadness, Hurt, Surprise, Disgust, Shame-Guilt, Joy-Happiness, Love.  Today, we talk about dealing with anger.

Anger is simply "energy to solve a problem."  It's like the red idiot indicator light on the dash, indicating that there's something wrong in the engine and if you don't address it, then you're in for big expensive problems.  You don't get mad at the light, it's there to help you.  Only a fool ignores it.  The smart thing to do is to find out why the light is on.  The same with anger – the anger light is on for three reasons: hurt, frustration, or fear.

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