Thursday, July 14, 2011

This coming Saturday from 10-2pm is our KKLA Family Fun Day here outside our studios in Glendale, at the northwest corner of Brand and the 134.  We'll have free carnival games and prizes, photos with our KKLA hosts and hostesses, and we'll be giving away tickets to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Spa Visits, overnight hotel accommodation and restaurant gift certificates!  Parking is $7.00.  Go to for more info.

400-408 – • NBC Today (7/14/2011) Holy sunburn! Is applying sunscreen to campers a slippery slope to pedophilia? 

When my daughters used to go to day camp in the summer, I always sent them with economy-sized bottles of sunscreen upon which I had scrawled their names in big letters. Sure, I slathered the stuff on them before they left home every morning, but it eventually would wear off. No problem. Their counselors would help them put more on.

You can imagine how surprised I and many other Maryland parents were when our state health department last month issued a new policy that practically banned the simple summer ritual of counselors applying sunscreen to campers.

"Campers should, in most instances, apply the sunscreen on their own," the memo read. "If assistance in application is needed, camp staff should limit touching the camper as much as possible." And forget about asking a friend to help: "Under no circumstances should campers assist each other in the application of sunscreen where touch is required in the application process." (Bold-face emphasis is the health department's.) //

• Washington Post (7/1/2011) Md. scrambles to revise camp sunscreen rules.

413-423 – Calls  – Good idea or bad idea to ban camp counselors from applying sunscreen on campers?  Are you more concerned about sun burn and skin cancer, or your child being inappropriately touched?  Do you have a "touching" story from camp to tell (pun intended)?  Former counselors who have applied sunscreen on campers, what were the guidelines you followed?  Parents, have you had to sign a permission slip allowing your child to be touched while having sunscreen applied?  If we do just use aerosols, aren't we missing "healthy" touching and interaction?

428-438 – • Fox News (7/14/2011) Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death Could Be Executed if He Doesn't Recant, Says Verdict.

• Fox News (7/13/2011) Religious Freedom Group Sues Perry Over Planned All-Day Prayer Event in Texas.

443-452 – Debbi Pepha (puh-pye) from Student Rights Advocates in Pasadena (, 626-395-0146), explains how they help families of children with ADD or other learning disabilities to make sure the schools they attend provide the proper learning environment for each individual child, and should the student be suspended for behavioral problems in school, SRA will represent them.

458-508 – Joanna Hyatt, Director of Reality Check (, 310-820-2560), is a program of the Westside Pregnancy Clinic (, each year Joanna speaks to thousands of teens on junior and senior high schools campuses across the country about sexual integrity.  She's here to give us a "reality check."

512-523 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls – How to start "the conversation"?

528-539 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls – What are kids asking? 

544-554 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls – Did you know that HPV is now causing more instances of throat and neck cancer than smoking?  Does your child know that "yes," you can get HIV-AIDS and STD's from oral sex.  25% of  teen girls have an STD.  9 million girls, age 15-25, will get an STD this year. 

558-608 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls – "Renewed" abstinence?

612-623 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls –

628-639 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls – Carolos' great call!

644-654 – Joanna Hyatt, Calls –