Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomorrow from 10-2pm is our KKLA Family Fun Day here outside our studios in Glendale, at the northwest corner of Brand and the 134.  We'll have free carnival games and prizes, photos with our KKLA hosts and hostesses, and we'll be giving away tickets to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Spa Visits, overnight hotel accommodation and restaurant gift certificates!  Parking is $7.00.  Go to for more info.


400-408 – Dr. Charles Stanley is the Sr. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and a 1988 inductee into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.  His teaching program, In Touch (, is on over 1,800 radio and TV stations in more than 50 languages, including weekdays here on KKLA at 930am.  Today we talk about his new book Turning the Tide: Real Hope, Real Change (Amazon).  And, he's doing a book signing tonight at the Westside Pavilion Barnes & Nobel on Pico from 730-930pm.

413-423 – Dr. Charles Stanley

428-438 – Taun Cortado, is the U.S. Radio and Media Director with Gospel For Asia (, and one of the sponsors of tomorrow's KKLA Family Fun Day!  Don't forget to swing by their booth tomorrow!

443-452 – Taun Cortado,

458-508 – Aurelio Barreto is the founder and CEO of C28 Christian Stores and Not Of this World Clothing (  Today, he shares his story, as captured in the new book Not Of This World: From Cuban Refugee To American Dream To Finding God (Amazon).

512-523 – Aurelio Barreto

528-539 – Aurelio Barreto

544-554 – Aurelio Barreto

558-608 – • Omaha World Herald (7/13/2011) Cheerleading case stirs up dispute.  Julia Sullivan, will be a junior at Aurora High School in the fall, and she wants to be a cheerleader for the basketball team.  So, she tried out, but didn't score well enough to make the team.  Her parents and the ACLU say the low scores were a result of discrimination – so, they're suing.  Julia was born with no forearms or legs.  Julia is in the marching band, the pep band, she's taken dance lessons for 10 years, and she's a member of the Nebraska Youth Leadership Council which advocates for people with disabilities.

• Aurora News Register (7/15/2011) CHEERLEADING DECISION STANDS.


612-623 – Calls – Should Julia be a cheerleader?

628-639 – Calls – Should Julia be a cheerleader?

644-654 – Calls – Should Julia be a cheerleader?

• LA Times (7/15/2011) New state law requires textbooks to include gays' achievements.

• MSNBC (7/15/2011) 3 girls busted for illegal lemonade stand.