Tuesday, June 14, 2011

400-408 – • CBS (6/7/2011) Love thy neighbor: Son's killer moves next door. 

(3:04) CBS Son's killer now neighbor. (Reporting is Steve Hartman for CBS. Mary Johnson and Oshea Israel are quoted.)

413-423 – Calls – What's your "unforgiveness is a cancer that eats you from the inside out" story?

428-436 – Calls – Caller Jim shares the story about his wife's daughter that had been kidnapped 19 years ago at the age of 4, and following his wife's willingness to forgive her ex-husband for kidnapping the little girl and taking to her Iran, they get a call the next day from the ex-husband and the little girl for the first time in 14 years – the ex-husband asked for forgiveness and the daughter asked to come home.  Great story!

443-452 – Jeff Woodcock, the founding Headmaster of Oaks Christian School in Westlake back in 2000, and Vicki Conway, who heads up Oaks Christian Online School.  Each Tuesday they host virtual information sessions at 9:30am and 6:30pm (, 855.462.6200).  And they're hosting a live open house on Sunday, July 17th from 2-4pm, at the Westlake campus. 

1.5 million American K-12 students are currently enrolled in online classes, increasing annually at 30%.

Great for kids that are homeschooled, or who travel a lot, or live internationally, or compete athletically.

Each class is offered on a part-time basis.  A single part-time class costs $600 for the semester.

Courses are self-paced and can begin any Monday.

Full-time students begin on September 6th. Part-time and summer school students are taking courses right now.

458-508 – Matthew Mittelberg, Mark and Heidi's son, just won two National Speech Championship titles in San Diego, one in Persuasive Speech and the other in Lincoln-Douglas Debate, for his excellent pro-life speech in which he exposes three pro-choice myths having to do with personhood, parenthood, and privacy (linked below).

YouTube - Matthew Mittelberg: Persuasive Finals - The 2011 National Championship Winning Speech.  (I linked this on our Frank Pastore Show Facebook page.)

YouTube - NITOC 2011 Awards Ceremony - Persuasive Speech

• Zoe Foundation (6/14/2011) Pro-Life Speech Takes 1st Place in National Championship!

512-523 – Mark Mittelberg, his latest book is entitled The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask (with answers) ( 

528-539 – Kevin Malarkey, and his 6-year-old son Alex, were in a horrific car accident on November 14, 2004.  Alex was presumed dead on the scene, but he survived, having suffered traumatic brain injuries, including an internal decapitation.  Though the prognosis was grim, people were praying for Alex all across the country, and in just a matter of weeks, Alex's most severe spinal injuries were healed without medical intervention, leading stunned doctors to cancel a scheduled spinal alignment surgery.  After two months in a coma, Alex slowly learned to speak again and had incredible things to say about where he had been— Heaven.  Their book is entitled The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels, and Life Beyond This World – A True Story (Tyndale) and their website is(

544-554 – Kevin Malarkey,

558-608 – Kevin Malarkey, and calls

612-623 – Kevin Malarkey, and calls

628-639 – Kevin Malarkey, and calls

644-654 – Kevin Malarkey, and calls

• Yahoo (6/13/2011) Pa. judge: No expulsion for kindergarten touching.

• Fox News (6/14/2011) California School District Cancels Fundraiser After Submission of Scripture-Inscribed Bricks.