Monday, June 13, 2011

400-408 – David Willman, author of The Mirage Man (, about the anthrax scare after 911.

"Willman, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, offers a nuanced account of the bungled FBI investigation into the "anthrax attacks" as the Bush administration strove to use the public panic to strengthen their case to go to war, while the culprit was, in all likelihood, a military microbiologist named Bruce Ivins. Willman traces Ivins's unhappy life, how he endured childhood abuse and privation to become a successful scientist only to find his life unraveling as a result of his bizarre obsessions and fixations with women--from co-workers to a reality TV star and members of a local campus sorority. Willman pivots to focus on the flawed investigation--how the FBI targeted terrorist groups and, later, the wrong scientist, Steven Hatfill--and how, perversely, Ivins benefited both financially and professionally from the public paranoia about anthrax as his research into an anthrax vaccine became a national priority. Willman makes the case against Ivins--and against the political uses of the case--with admirable fair-mindedness and narrative flair." — Publishers Weekly

413-423 – David Willman

428-438 – David Willman

443-452 – David Willman

458-508 – "My daughter is getting married on Friday… what's your advice to the Father of the Bride?  Calls – What's your "I wish I had said this or done this at the wedding" story?  Brides, what did your dad do at your wedding that is still precious to you?  Dads, what was the most special part of the day for you?  Grooms, what do you wish your new father-in-law had said to you, or what do you regret him saying?  Any dad's with big regrets over something that happened?  What was the funniest or most embarrassing thing that happened at a wedding you were a part of?

512-523 – Calls – Give the bride a wedding journal to write messages to herself that she'll open five years later.  A dad recorded himself dancing with his daughters to the same song, every year on their birthdays, with the intent of playing it at their weddings.  A dad sent a box of groceries to her when they got back from the honeymoon, "I was shopping for all your favorite things and forgot you don't live with me anymore."   

528-539 – Calls –

544-554 – Calls – What's your advice on meddling?  Do you agree that you should only give advice to a young married couple when asked?  Should this be the explicitly stated policy?  What's your worst meddling story?  How involved are your parents or your in-laws in your marriage?  Any triangulation going on?  Does the wife go to his parents when he's in trouble, and does the groom go to her parents when she does?  Do kids change the whole dynamic?  Do you find grandparents tend to meddle more? 

Engineer Annie's Advice – Parents need to shift from supporting their son or daughter as individuals to supporting their  son's or daughter's marriage, and couple need to make the same priority shift in their relationship too. 

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• Newton Daily News (6/6/2011) A Foot Above.  Advice to graduates, and encouragement to everyone else – it's not a handicap, it's an opportunity!

A little over a year ago, I wrote about Matt Stutzman, a young man in his late twenties, born with no arms. Matt never let his handicap slow him down, and could do most things as good or better than a person with arms. Matt does everything with his feet, and I mean everything — eat, drive a car, ride a motorcycle. You won't find a handicap sticker on Matt's car, nor is his car adapted for a person with no arms. He purposely challenges himself to do any and everything a "normal" person can do.

Matt was into archery in a big way, having placed high and winning several national competitions shooting against people without handicaps.

Are you sitting down? If not, you might want to, 'cause here's some really big news. Matt Stutzman has qualified for the National U.S. Olympic team in archery! Not the Special Olympics. The Olympic Team.

In qualifying for the team, he had the highest score for people shooting that day. Out of 30 people testing, three made the team, and Matt had the highest score. Not bad for a guy with no arms.

• OC Register (6/13/2011) College degrees for 16 high school grads.  Sixteen students at Middle College High School, located on the campus of Santa Ana College, successfully completed 60 units of college courses along with their high school curriculum and have graduated with both a diploma and an Associate of Arts degree, enabling them to enroll this fall as incoming juniors.

• Jan Hoffman (NYT, 6/10/2011) Boys Will Be Boys? Not in These Families.