Wednesday, May 11, 2011

400-408 – Shelley Lubben, ( is a former porn actress, and along with her husband Garrett are the founders of the Pink Cross Foundation (, a non-profit created to provide emotional, financial and transitional support to those who want out of the adult entertainment industry.  Her book is entitled Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn: The Greatest Illusion on Earth.  Her story is also the subject of the documentary Out of the Darkness, which opened John Paul II Film Festival 2011 back in February, and will also show in August on World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

• Christian Newswire, A New Documentary That Puts a Face on Pornography.

413-423 – Shelley Lubben

428-437 – Shelley Lubben

443-452 – Shelley Lubben

458-508 – Shelley Lubben

512-523 – Shelley Lubben.  Calls – What can we do better to minister to those in the adult entertainment industry?

528-539 – Shelley Lubben.  Calls – What can we do better to minister to those in the adult entertainment industry?  Answers:  risk more, go out and build relationships with these people, be less condemning and judgmental and more embracing, welcoming, and polite.

544-554 – Shelley Lubben.

558-608 – Shelley Lubben.

612-623 – (1:58) Prom full. (NBC News 4 in New York- Ben Sosenko reporting, 5/11/2011.)

• CT Post (Connecticut Post) (5/11/2011) Shelton High senior has a date, but can't go to the prom. 

• Fox News (5/11/2011) School Bars Connecticut Teen From Prom for Creative Invite.

(2:20) • WFAA (5/10/2011) Dallas keeps $2,000 found by honest teen.

(3:18) • WFAA (5/11/2011) Anonymous donor comes forward to help honest teen.

628-639 – Calls – When have you done the right thing with a found item?  What was the result?

644-656 –

• Fox News (5/11/2011) Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Marriages by Chaplains After Complaints From Lawmakers.

• Fox News (5/11/2011) Husband Celebrates Miracle as 'Brain Dead' Wife Wakes Up in Hospital.

• LAT (5/11/2011) Presbyterian Church votes to allow gay ordination.  The ratified measure will allow the ordination of gay and lesbian ministers and lay leaders, while giving regional church bodies the ability to decide for themselves.