Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today we're partnering with Compassion International and remembering that for the millions of people in Haiti there's an ongoing struggle just to survive every day, and we're going to do something about it.  We're going to provide families with a lifetime supply of clean drinking water.  No, it's not a lifetime supply of bottled water, it's a $55 dollar filter that can purify up to 500 gallons a day if they need it – using the same Hollow Fiber Membrane technology kidney dialysis machines use to clean blood – it's cleans down to the 2-micron level.  This filter will take all of the bacteria out of even the most putrid water, providing the highest level of filtration currently available.  And, there's no moving parts, no chemicals, and you don't need electricity or even training to learn how to use it.  No more need to boil water before you drink it.  And to clean it, you just do a simple 30-second backwash, and you're good to go all over again.  And amazingly one filter can purify a million gallons of water – enough to provide twelve families (60 people) with water for life!

Call 866-994-6484!

Joining us from Compassion are Dave Kirby and Dick Jenkins.

$55 – 1 filter purifies the water for 12 families or 60 people for life.

$110 – 2 filters purify the water for 24 families or 120 people for life.

$165 – 3 filters purify the water for 36 families or 180 people for life.

$220 – 4 filters purify the water for 48 families or 240 people for life.

$275 – 5 filters purify the water for 60 families or 300 people for life.

$1375 – 25 filters purify the water for 300 families or 1500 people for life.  Get the $2500 KKLA Marketing Package!