Wednesday, January 12, 2010

400-408 – Tim Lahaye ( has been one of the biggest names in Christianity for the past 40 years.  He'll be turning 85 years old on April 27, and what a life he's led:  a bomber gunner in WWII, the pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church (since renamed Shadow Mountain Community Church) in San Diego for 25 years, author of over 50 books – including the 80-million-copy bestselling series Left Behind with Jerry Jenkins, but perhaps he's most proud of his family, his wife for the past 63.5 years Beverly Lahaye, and their four children, nine grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

• This weekend at the Ontario Convention Center is our FREE Inland Empire Prophecy Conference entitled "Understanding the End Times: Israel, Islam, and Bible Prophecy."   On Friday, we'll do our show live from 400-700pm, then hop inside to hear from Chuck Missler and Pastor Jack Hibbs.  Then on Saturday, we'll go from 900am-900pm, with Tim LaHaye (900am), Ron Carlson (1025am), Ron Graff (1225pm), Lambert Dolphin (115pm), Gary Kah (340pm), William Koenig (540pm), and Chuck Missler (805pm).  I'll be the emcee and would love to see you there.  It's free, but to get in you'll need a wristband, and to get a wristband you've got to pre-register at  Also know, that there's an $8.00 charge by the Convention Center for parking.

413-423 – • Fox News (1/12/2011) Palin Criticizes Manufacturers of 'Blood Libel' as Proponents of Speech Limits Cite Sharron Angle.  Sarah posted a video on her Facebook page today, clips below.

(:08) SP #1 – President Reagan said, "We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions." 

(:35) SP #2 – Acts of monstrous criminality stand on their own.  They begin and end with the criminals who commit them.  Not collectively with all the citizens of a state. Not with those who listen to talk radio. Not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle. Not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their First Amendment rights at campaign rallies.  And not with those who proudly voted in the last election.

(:08) SP #3 – If you don't like a person's vision for the country, you're free to debate that vision. If you don't like their ideas, you're free to propose better ideas.

(:17) SP #4 – But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.

•• Chris Ariens, Mediabistro (1/12/2011) Jared Loughner's friend says suspect 'Did not watch TV … disliked the news'.  ABC's GMA's Ashleigh Banfield sat down this morning with Zach Osler, a high school friend of Jared Loughner, in the cuts below.

(:10) ZO 1a – The gun store employees were very uncomfortable selling the gun to Jared even though he cleared the FBI background check.

(:33) ZO 1b – Osler says his friend wasn't shooting at people, "he was shooting at the world."  Jared's house was cold, dark, unpleasant.  "I always felt unwelcome, like I shouldn't be there."

(:25) ZO 2 – Osler says Jared was abusing drugs and alcohol, specifically the legal hallucinogen Salvia.

(1:01) ZO 3 – Osler says that Jared's mug shot "scares" him, and he begins crying.  He says that he regrets not being  able to help him.  He "looks like a monster" he said.

• (:35) ZO 4 – Osler addresses Jared's political interests. "He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn't listen to political radio. He didn't take sides. He wasn't on the left. He wasn't on the right."  Instead, Osler says it was a Zeitgeist documentary that fueled him.

(:11) ZO 5 – Osler says Jared's bizarre behavior drove him away two years ago.

428-437 – Robert Epstein, (, is a research scientist and the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today, author of 15 books including his latest Teen 2.0:  Saving Our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence ( (two point oh).  Epstein argues that if "teenagerhood" was a universal malady, it would be universally acknowledged much like toddlerhood – everywhere and always, a 2 year old has been a 2 year old.  But the very fact other cultures do not dismiss teenagers as morally or intellectually inferior mitigates against the claim of an inferior teenage brain that's bubbling in hormones.  In fact, over 100 cultures around the world don't have any adolescent trauma, and many don't even have a word for "teenager."  It's just not a reality to them.  If he's right, and I believe he is since the research proves it, then we need to totally rethink how we raise our kids.  This is a Kuhnian paradigm shift, a scientific revolution.  There is no such thing as "the teen brain," but there is ubiquitous acceptance of the "myth of adolescence."

Today we talk about whether you can spot mental illness in children.  Specifically, "Could you spot a 5 year old Jared Loughner?"   Robert says no.  Paranoid schizophrenia usually manifest in the early 20's. 

At any one moment, 20% of the American population has a diagnosable mental health issue.  About 1% of them have schizophrenia, and only 1% of this 1% (that's one in 10,000) ever turn violent.  In our population of 300M, that's 30,000 potentially violent schizophrenics.

Robert has a webpage where those age 12 and up can take his Epstein Mental Health Inventory (EMHI) at  Also check out his site for more information on childhood mental disorders.

443-452 – • Alexandra Berzon,, WSJ, (1/12/2011) Postings of a Troubled Mind:  Accused Shooter Wrote on Gaming Site of His Job Woes, Rejection by Women.

• Charles Krauthammer (1/12/2011) Massacre, Followed by Libel.  The origins of Jared Loughner's delusions are clear: mental illness. What are the origins of Paul Krugman's?

458-508 – Mark Baker, Clinical Psychologist and Executive Director of La Vie Christian Counseling Centers (, KKLA Helpline (800) 801-5242) in Pasadena and Santa Monica, and author of the million-copy bestseller Jesus, The Greatest Therapist Who Ever Lived.  Hear Mark teach on emotional and spiritual growth at

512-523 – Mark Baker,

528-539 – Mark Baker,

544-554 – Mark Baker,

558-608 – Dr. Bill Sears (, is Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the UC Irvine School of Medicine, a medical and parenting consultant for BabyTalk and Parenting magazines, and for – and father of 8 and grandfather of 9.  The author of over 30 books on childcare, including his bestselling The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two.

Health requires us to healthy and LEAN:  Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition.

The best diet includes lots of the Four S's:  smoothies, salads, salmon, and spices.

Breast feed as often and as long as you can. At 6 months, make your own baby food.  At 9 months, introduce your baby to wild salmon.

10% of kids have the "D's":  ADD, ADHD, etc.  And we're way over-medicating active kids, especially boys.  Many boys simply suffer from the 3 "Bs" – bright, bored, boys.  In the Ritalin vs. Recess Studies, they found that boys do better after recess than after taking Ritalin.

Dr. Sears is strongly against Gary Ezzo and his "Growing Kids God's Way" strategy.

Dr. Sears is a huge fan of "Attachment Parenting" – the whole idea behind it is to put yourself behind your child's eyes.  The research is investigating the link between brain chemistry and mental health.  It seems that early intimacy with mom in the first two years impacts brain chemistry and prevents the onset of some mental illness.  Specifically, if the infant learns empathy early on, they will grow to become empathetic toddlers, children, and adults. The lack of empathy is a common thread for many mental disorders.

612-623 – Dr. Bill Sears

628-639 – Dr. Bill Sears

644-656 – Dr. Bill Sears

• Arizona Republic Editorial (1/11/2011) Pima County sheriff should remember duty.

• Fox News (1/12/2011) Officers stopped suspect on day of Ariz. Shooting.

• Jonah Goldberg (1/12/2011) The Exploitative Rhetoric of Tragedy.  If rhetoric is to blame, then what shall we do about it?

• Victor Davis Hanson (1/12/2011) Rhetoric and Perceived Status.

• E. Fuller Torrey, WSJ (1/12/2011) A Predictable Tragedy in Arizona.  We emptied state mental hospitals starting in the 1960s without providing adequate treatment alternatives.  Dr. Torrey is the founder of the Treatment Advocacy Center and the author of "The Insanity Offense: How America's Failure to Treat the Seriously Mentally Ill Endangers Its Citizens" (W.W. Norton, 2008).