Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today we're partnering with World Vision at, to give you the opportunity to change the life of a child now living in horrible poverty.  Your monthly financial gift of just about a dollar a day will go to meet the most acute need of your sponsored child – it might be clean water, necessary immunizations, HIV prevention and treatment, agriculture assistance, emergency food supplies, or education and the chance to go to school.  World Vision staff in each village assess the specific needs of that community and of each child, and your sponsorship allows World Vision to target these specific needs and let each little boy or girl know that someone cares – you.  To help, call 1-866-817-4673 or go to

We've been partnering with World Vision since Day One of the Frank Pastore Show, and if you've been thinking about sponsoring a child, well, now is the time.  A year ago, we at KKLA committed to getting just over 1,000 children sponsored for the past year, and so far, we've been able to get 626 sponsored, and that means we have 400 to go to fulfill our obligation to World Vision. 

So, I need your help.  These children are waiting right now for the good news of your sponsorship, many of them have been waiting for months and months, even over a year.  So, if you've been hearing us talk about World Vision but haven't responded yet, and you've been waiting, make today your day.  It will only take about two minutes.  Have your bankcard ready, and a helpful World Vision staffer will walk you through the process. 

Pick up the phone right now and call 1-866-817-4673 and sponsor your child through World Vision.
If you're online, go to, click on the World Vision logo, and you can see a picture of the child that has been waiting the longest for your sponsorship.  Or, you can select the gender, age, and country or region of a child you'd like to sponsor, and right there on the page in just seconds, you'll see the photo of your little boy or girl that you'll be sponsoring.

Again, the number is 1-866-817-4673, or online at

Your small step of faith can move mountains in the lives of these children.

Joining me in studio are Mark Whitlock (L) and Mike Murray (R) with World Vision. 

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