Wednesday, November 7, 2012

400-408 – Today, for all three hours, I want to hear from you about your reaction to what happened yesterday.  

So, what do you think happened last night?  What does it mean for Christianity, for Israel, the Middle East and the world at large? For the United States of America, for your family, your kids and for your grandkids?  How significant was it in terms of economics, and electoral politics?  Do you think we've crossed some kind of tipping point of some kind, with half of America dependent upon the federal government and the other half paying for it? How do you persuade those who don't pay taxes to embrace tax cuts?  What does it mean for the future of the Republican party, and more importantly, for the ideas of individual responsibility and representative limited government?

In my opinion, what won last night?  Class Warfare, Unions, Obamacare, and Big Government – and the higher taxes that will come with it.  The rich will clearly be paying more, along with everyone else.

Progressivism defeated conservatism yesterday, and it may be what political scientists refer to as a "critical realignment," an election that reflects a fundamental change within the electorate.  I fear for the future of America, sure we'll have the same name, but I now know that we've become a different country. We've crossed the tipping point on our way to the Progressive Utopia that leftists have been working for since Woodrow Wilson and FDR, we'll now become another centralized, secular, unionized socialist state, just like most European countries.  Not since the Civil War, has it been as clear that there are now two Americas – as starkly depicted in the Red-Blue County electoral map – the one founded in 1776, and the one that first took office in 2008 and won re-election yesterday.  

Basically, the blue cities want their big government but they're running out of money to pay for it, and they'll take it from the red-county workers and homeowners to pay for it.  Anticipate new redistributionist "regionalist" schemes to accomplish this – charging the suburbs to fund the failing policies of the inner cities.  And, look for Obama to move to allow debt-ridden states like California to nationalize their debt since "we're all in this together."  Federalism is in it's final gasps.  Washington is on the path to Athens.

Obama has indeed fulfilled at least one campaign promise, he has "fundamentally transformed America."

What lost last night?  E pluribus unum, Entrepreneurs, Federalism, Representative Government, Limited Government, Liberty, Free Markets, and your savings due to imminent and unavoidable inflation.  If Big Government doesn't get the money it needs, it'll just print more, depressing the value of your savings and your future.

The unions, rather than individual tax payers, now rule American politics through the Democratic Party they have purchased.  How do you now stop the unions and their organization machine that masterfully "gets out the vote" for the Democrats?  How do you now stop their drive for national socialism?  In dutiful response, in return, I expect Obama to implement "Card Check" in his second term, to expand union influence across the country, and to energize the assault on all "Right to Work" states.  And, I expect Harry Reid to implement the "nuclear option" and change the senate rules so the Democrats won't need 60 votes to overcome a Republican filibuster, a simple majority is all that will be necessary.

Nor is it "the economy stupid," since Obama blamed Bush for the economy, even after 4 years of his own policies.  It will be interesting to see what happens when it all begins to "hit the fan," and people are paying taxes they thought only the rich would be paying.  I wonder if the media will still allow Obama to blame Bush after 8 years…. probably. 

Speaking of the media, I expect an assault to censor or silence Fox News, talk radio, and conservative websites that oppose the New Leviathan.

Too many people were worried about "next month's government paycheck," and not at all about their future or their kids' future.  As Rush Limbaugh said, my paraphrase, "Santa Claus beats personal responsibility every time, especially when even the naughty get presents."

Lastly, I think the church is now almost irrelevant in electoral politics.  Neither abortion, nor same sex marriage, nor the contraception mandate, had any noticeable impact in deterring Hispanic and African American voters.  Thus, look for an even stronger attempt to redefine Christianity in terms of the social gospel and not these "archaic and bothersome" moral values of the past.

But take heart, Christianity has always done well under persecution.

413-423 – Calls 

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644-656 – Ted Smith, Deputy District Attorney for San Bernardino County and former Chairman of the African-American Caucus of the California Democratic Party from 1999 to 2007, weighs in with excellent insight.

Obama 50.3% 59,725,608.  303 Electoral Votes.  9 million fewer votes than in 2008.

Romney 48.1% 57,098,650.  206 Electoral Votes.  2 million fewer votes than McCain.

House of Representatives – R 232 / D 191

Senate – D 51 / R 45 

• LA Times (11/07/2012) Jerry Brown, California Democrats appear to be big winners in election.

• OC Register (11/07/2012) Election 2012: California State Propositions results.  And, Democrats won a supermajority in Sacramento – the Republican party is now irrelevant to how the state is run.

30 Passed – 54/46.  I lost this.

31 Lost – 60/39.  I won this.

32 Lost – 56/43.  I lost this.

33 Lost – 54/45.  I lost this.

34 Lost – 52/47.  I lost this.

35 Passed – 81/18.  I won this.

36 Passed – 68/31.  I lost this.

37 Lost – 53/46.  I won this.

38 Lost – 72/27.  I won this.

39 Passed – 60/39.  I lost this.

40 Passed – 71/28.  I won this.

• Re the Propositions, I've got my Voter's Guide now up at, just click on my picture to download the pdf.  Basically, it's YES on 32 (break the unions), 33 (cheaper auto insurance), 35 (strengthen antihuman trafficking), 40 (redistricting is okay), and NO on 30 (no to higher school taxes) and everything else 31 (no to regional government), 34 (no to inmate sex changes and ending the death penalty), 36 (no to weakening Three Strikes), 37 (no to unnecessary food labeling), 38 (no to higher school taxes), 39 (no to higher business taxes).



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"It's not a traditional America anymore. People want stuff. They want things. And who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it and he ran on it. Whereby twenty years ago President Obama would be roundly defeated by an establishment candidate like Mitt Romney. The white establishment is now the minority. The voters, many of them, feel like the economic system is stacked against them. And they want stuff. You're going to see a tremendous Hispanic vote for President Obama. Overwhelming black vote for President Obama. And women will probably break President Obama's way. People feel they are entitled to things. And which candidate between the two is going to give them things?"

• Joel Rosenberg (11/07/2012)  So what now? 7 sets of questions to ask after President Obama's reelection. Starting with: "Is the implosion of America more or less likely now?"