Wednesday, August 8, 2012

400-408 – Today we're partnering with Tom Lewis and Jim "Veldo" Veldhuis from Feeding the Nations (, and we're doing just that – feeding hungry children in Africa.  And get this, you can feed a hungry child in Africa for an entire year for just $38.00 – that's a nickel a meal!  These children we're feeding are in Burundi, Zambia, Rwanda, and Malawi.  Feed two children for an entire year for a one-time gift of $76.  3=$114, 4=$152, 5=$190, or ten for $380.  To feed hungry children in Africa, call 888-500-5262, or give online at

The food is currently in Maryland, and the number of your gifts will determine how many containers FTN will reserve on the ship tomorrow morning.  Each container is 8x8x40, and holds 275,000 meals (22 tons), that will feed 390 children two meals a day for a year.  The ship sails east from Maryland, around the Horn of Africa, and docks in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  The non-food cost, since the food is donated, to transport one container is $12,000.  We're hoping to fill four containers!  AND WE DID!!