Thursday, July 12, 2012

400-408 – Wes Yoder, helped start the whole music genre of Contemporary Christian Music in the late 70's, launched the first Christian-based speakers bureau (Ambassador Speakers Bureau) in the 80's, then launched a division called Ambassador Literary Agency where he's worked on "little" projects like The Purpose Driven Life, The Shack, and Mistaken Identity.  His book, Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports (2010), "seeks to move men from silent and broken lives to the company of men where conversation, spiritual friendship and a life filled with friends and brothers define and complete God's purposes for them" – perfect for leaders of men and men's leaders.  Wes and his wife, Linda, have two children and two grandchildren (  

• How do you create the opportunities for guys to get real with one another?  The great fear, of course, is that the Bible says to "confess your sins to one another," and for every guy, that includes pornography – but you can't have that conversation unless you have that kind of relationship.  You nurture that relationship intentionally, by getting your playmates together and advancing the conversation beyond play, and into the truly important stuff.  Since all men struggle with porn, it's not "when was the last time you acted out," it's a bigger question – start with something like "How has pornography affected your view of women?  When was the first time you saw porn?" – and watch the conversation explode.  Another conversation starter is "What's the most surprising thing that has happened in your life?"  Or, to ask "Who are the six men who will carry your coffin?  Do they know your story?  Do they know you?"  Wes says this is just golden stuff!

• Wes was the first business agent for Christian artists in Nashville, he put together the joint tour of Petra and Josh McDowell back in the early 1980's.

413-423 – Wes Yoder, What would you do if you got a dozen guys together for a "church" event?  Wes has great pdf of starter questions.

428-438 – Wes Yoder, Why the "Dad Topic" is electric.  

443-452 – Wes Yoder,  About dad's and daughters.  Wes also recommends Michael Cusik's brand new Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle (2012) (Amazon).

458-508 – Norm Geisler ( is a patriarch of Christian apologetics in America – a seminary professor for the past 50 years, who's spoken or debated in 26 countries on 6 continents, and authored or co-authored of over 80 books and hundreds of articles.  On July 21st, Norm will accomplish the "80-80" – publishing 80 books by his 80th birthday (born 1932)!  He's involved with the new Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murietta, on the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College (  He grew up in not just a non- but an anti-religious family north of Detroit, was still illiterate in the 11th grade, and went on to become the patriarch of modern Christian apologetics.  His former students are our professors and teachers, from Ravi Zacharias to William Lane Craig.  He lives in Charlotte, NC.

• His latest two books are:  William Roach and Norm Geisler, Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation (2012).  And, last year's Norm Geisler, Systematic Theology: In One Volume (2011).

512-523 – Norm Geisler, You've seen a lot in your lifetime, what were some of the biggest "get rights" and biggest "get wrongs" you've seen in the church?  What are some of the things you see going on in the church today?  External and internal threats?  Why so many denominations?  One of the things we've gotten "right" is the ubiquitous book on apologetics.  Yet, the church is 3,000 miles wide and a foot deep because we're not teaching systematic theology, and allowing people to ask their questions.

TH 523 – Don Rohde, sales manager at Galpin Ford for the past 40 years – "Call Don's cell at (818) 262-2092 and go see for yourself why they've been the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 22 consecutive years!"

528-539 – Norm Geisler, Islam does not have a "problem of evil," because they hold to voluntarism –  Allah is just will, he has no nature, therefore his will can make 2+2=5, and he can act for evil or good.  This is why the emphasis of Islam is on obedience, not reason, or pursuit of the good.  By contrast, Christianity teaches essentialism, God is good by nature, and always acts consistent with His nature.

544-554 – Norm Geisler,

558-608 – • Billy Hallowell (Blaze, 7/11/2012) AUTHOR OUTLINES '10 CLICHES CHRISTIANS SHOULD NEVER USE'.  The lists were composed by a pastor Christian Piatt.

1) Everything happens for a reason.

2) If you died today, do you know where you'd spend the rest of eternity?

3) He/she is in a better place.

4) Can I share a little bit about my faith with you?

5) You should come to church with me on Sunday.

6) Have you asked Jesus into your heart?

7) Do you accept Jesus as your personal lord and savior? 

8) This could be the end of days.

9) Jesus died for your sins.

10) Will all our visitors please stand?


11) Love the sinner, hate the sin.

12) The Bible clearly says…

13) God needed another angel in heaven, so He called him/her home. 

14) Are you saved?

15) The Lord never gives someone more than they can handle.

16) America was founded as a Christian nation.

17) The Bible says it; I believe it; that settles it.

18) It was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. 

19) Jesus was a Democrat/Republican.

20) (Insert sin here) is an abomination in the eyes of God.

612-623 – Calls – Your reaction to the cliches?

628-639 – Calls – Your reaction to the cliches?

644-656 – Calls – Your reaction to the cliches?

• Fox News (7/12/2012) Republicans dispute Obama's 'fair share' claims, say top earners already pay enough.