Wednesday, May 16, 2012

400-408 – Ken Samples, Senior Research Scholar for Hugh Ross at Reasons To Believe (, and before that for the great Walter Martin – the original Bible Answer Man – at the Christian Research Institute, a graduate of both Concordia and Talbot, is one of the most accomplished apologists in the country.  He continues to lecture at Biola, and he teaches a Sunday morning adult class at Christ Reformed Church in Anaheim.  Ken and his wife Joan have three children – whom daddy forces to learn the lyrics of every Beatles song and watch every Laker game.

Today we talk about his latest book, 7 Truths That Changed the World: Discovering Christianity's Most Dangerous Ideas (Amazon).  They are:  1) Not all dead men stay dead.  2) God walked the Earth.  3) A fine-tuned cosmos with a beginning.  4) Clear pointers to God.  5) Not by works.  6) Humanity's value and dignity.  7) The good in suffering.   Ken knows pain and suffering – his wife was mugged and Ken fought him off, and he recently recovered from a life-threatening brain illness they thought was terminal cancer.

413-423 – Ken Samples,

LINER [HOURLY] –  Pastors, you're invited to our annual Pastor Appreciation Luncheon tomorrow, Thursday May 17th, at Biola, with Family Life's Dennis Rainey (heard weekdays at 830am).  And, to all of our listeners – listen up! – y'all come to our big, free, listener celebration for you tomorrow night that at 7pm at Biola also with Dennis Rainey.  Both events are free, just pre-register at

428-438 – Ken Samples

443-452 – Ken Samples

458-508 – (Popular?) Lee Strobel (, is perhaps the most popular name in Christian apologetics with his Case For: Faith, Christ, Real Jesus, Creator books, DVDs and videos – along with all the other great stuff he's produced with "anyone who's anyone" in apologetics.  A graduate of both the University of Missouri (Journalism, 1974) and Yale Law School (1979), he was an award-winning investigative journalist with the Chicago Tribune for 14 years.  The skeptic became a Christian in 1981, joined Willow Creek staff in 1987, and later Saddleback staff back in 2000, before launching out on his own in 2002.  He and his wife Leslie have been married for 38 years, they now live in Colorado, and they have two children Alison and Kyle, and they have three granddaughters.  Oh, and his The Ambition novel is now in paperback!

• Today, Lee shares, for the first time publicly, how he nearly died last summer, in August 2011, and the lessons he's learned.

• Coming up on Sunday evening, October 14th, Lee's doing an "Unpacking Atheism" live webcast with Mark Mittelberg and William Lane Craig (

• Lee Strobel (Christian Post, 1/22/2012) We're on Cusp of Golden Era of Apologetics.

512-523 – Lee Strobel, "What do you want me to learn from this?"

528-539 – Lee Strobel

(:45) • He's also releasing this week a new video-driven, discussion-oriented curriculum based on the debates from his TV show "Faith Under Fire," entitled Exploring Christianity's Ten Toughest Questionshere's the video link to Session #1 featuring a debate between Al Mohler and John Shelby Spong on "Whether Christianity Must Change Or Die." 

544-554 – Lee Strobel

558-608 – The Intersection of Faith and Reason explained.


628-639 – Calls – What should Shorter University do?

644-656 – Calls – What should Shorter University do?

• WSJ (5/15/2012) Democracy and the Euro: Greeks have to face the consequences of their own political choices.

• Scott Jaschik (Inside Higher Ed, 5/14/2012) Gay Voices at a Christian University.

• Biola Queer Underground (