Monday, April 9, 2012

400-408 – Mark Joseph, multi-media producer in film, television, music, and online, as well as an author, talk show host, columnist, and blogger at, (,  He lives in LA with his wife Kara and their five girls.  Today, we talk about how rejection can be the path to success and how our critics can sometimes be our best friends (the 11th drunk might be right).

In film – he worked at Walden Media on The Chronicles of Narnia, Ray, Holes, Because of Winn-Dixie, and Amazing Grace;  he worked with Ralph Winter on The Bridge and Cupid;  and he's currently producing four films Monkey Trial, Reagan, Sensei and In His Steps.  He also just did Doonby.

In television –  he was the host and producer of both The Entertainment Report, and the international talk show The Interview.  He's also hosts his online-show The Bully Pulpit Show

In music – he produced the soundtrack for The Passion Of The Christ;  supervised the international releases of over 70 records and produced the music for dozens of television commercials; and he's launched his own label, Bully Pulpit Records and signed his first artist, Molly Jenson.

413-423 – Mark Joseph

428-438 – Mark Joseph

LINER –  Wanna be the next Producer of the Frank Pastore Show?  We're now accepting applications and we're looking for someone who appreciates our format, and who enjoys scheduling guests and screening calls.  And, it's a big plus if you're already a fan of the show!  Here's how to do it.  Go to, click on "Jobs," download and complete the application, and then send it back along with your resume and a cover letter.

443-452 – Mark Joseph

458-508 – Wesley J. Smith, an attorney, bioethicist, and Co-Director of the Center on Human Exceptionalism at the Discovery Institute (  His blog, Secondhand Smoke: Your 24/7 Seminar on Bioethics and the Importance of Being Human, runs at First Things (  His latest book is Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World (2010) (Amazon), and among his earlier books are A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of Animal Rights (2009) (Amazon);  Forced Exit: Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and the New Duty to Die (2006) (Amazon); and Culture of Death: The Assault on Medical Ethics in America (2002) (Amazon). Wesley and his wife, Debra Saunders, is Eastern Orthodox (Easter is next weekend).

• Nearly every time he's on, we get updates on the latest in wacko environmentalism news, like what's going on with ecocides, the "rights of nature" movement, and crimes against other plants, like the decapitation of a dandelion.  And, with regards to animal life, the latest on speciesism, PETA, transhumanism, machicide, PAS, euthanasia, eugenics, cryogenics, wrongful birth lawsuits, after-birth abortion, and other efforts to minimize human exceptionalism.  Today, we start with "ecocide" (

If your intellectual starting blocks are atheism, philosophical naturalism, and macro-evolution, you will eventually arrive at scientism, speciesism, and transhumanism.  Once you lose "in the beginning God," and "God created man in his image," you will eventually lose human exceptionalism.  A new religion will emerge, a nexus of science, philosophy, and theology, along with choruses of nice sounding moral platitudes about oneness, unity and peace.  But the evil in men's hearts will soon morph this utopian drive to deliver a Brave New World into a hall of horrors.  Nietsche's will to power will manifest, the Uberman will give way to the Last Man, and the result will be the hell of state-sponsored eugenics.  

To bring it all together… if the state has the right to force you to pay for things that violate your conscience, and national healthcare will be distributing limited resources, you have the situation where the state will be telling you not only how to live but who should live.  If you think it's wrong to take the money for grandpa's heart transplant and give it to a young worker's sex transplant, then too bad.  If the state decides it's in it's interest to do so, you're not only going to lose the argument, you're going to pay for it.

512-523 – Wesley J. Smith

528-539 – Calls – How did God show up this past weekend?  Complete the sentence, "God, I want to thank you for…"?

544-554 – Calls – How did God show up this past weekend?  Complete the sentence, "God, I want to thank you for…"?

558-608 – I got an email from my friend Ron Strand about this Christ-centered women's fitness boot camp in Orange County run by Nanette Aviles (  Nanette is a former Junior Miss and high school cheerleader, and Miss Glendora and Miss Azusa, who struggled with bulimia, and out of that painful journey, she became a Clinical Nutritionist, earned certifications in Group Fitness, Personal Training, Weight Training, Advanced Weight Training, and Pilates, and she's the owner of The Wellness Coach Inc., – all of this in order to more effectively minister to women of all ages struggling with eating disorders.  She and her teenage daughter Lexi live in Laguna Niguel.

Fitness and Five Retreat- Nannette Aviles (YouTube, 2/13/2011)

612-623 – Nanette Aviles.  Her four big themes:  1) Living in the truth, 2) be aware of your self-talk, 3) live in the gray, and 4) say goodbye to the perfect body.  Or, my paraphrase, 1) Reality Check, 2) Self Talk, 3) Moderation, 4) Expectations.   First question to ask, "What's your why?"

628-639 – Nanette Aviles.

644-654 – Nanette Aviles