Monday, August 22, 2011

400-408 – (:50) Congresswoman Maxine Waters, at a jobs summit at Inglewood High School, 8/20/2011.  (Here's her 35th Congressional District map).  "A lot of people at the Congressional level, and even at the precinct level, do a lot of talkin'.  And a lot of balkin.  Don't do enough voting, don't do enough supportin'.  Now, I'm not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.  I'm not afraid of anybody. This is a tough game. You can't be intimidated. You can't be frightened. As far as I'm concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell. [Applause.] And...and...I intend to help them get there."

• Fox News (8/22/2011) Tea Party Group Slams Rep. Waters Over 'Straight to Hell' Outburst.

413-423 – Calls – This touches on so many issues:  race, politics, economics, theology, etc.  Water's 35th District is, pretty much, the box created by the 110 and 405 on the sides with Florence on the top and Artesia on the bottom, with a chunk of Westchester – or, the cities of Inglewood, Hawthorne, Gardena, and Westchester.  Do you think she represents "urban blacks" in America?  Does she represent your views?  Do you too want the Tea Party to go "straight to hell?"  Why do you think she wants them to go to hell?

What is the best way to help the lot of the urban poor?  [Aka., The Detroit-Jamaica Problem] What jobs are these "workers" skilled to do?  Why would a business want to open there?  Class after class of illiterate high school and college graduates can't fool the marketplace.  Who do you think is going to win the jobs of the future?  What happens when we automate fast food order takers, cashiers, and stock-boys?

428-438 – Calls –

443-452 – Calls –

458-508 – Calls –

512-523 – Calls –

528-539 – Calls –

• 2008 Tax Burdens (the share of the total federal tax revenue)  1% = 38%, 3% = 50%, 5% = 59%, 10% = 70%, 25% = 96% (the bottom 75% provide just 4% of all federal tax revenue).

• The 250,000 people who made over $1M last year pay 20% of all tax revenue. (Just one in 1200 people).

• 2008:  top 1% = $380,354, paid 38.02% of all federal income taxes, but earning just 20% of all adjusted gross income.

544-554 – Calls – 

558-608 – Calls –

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644-654 – Calls –

• Harvey Golub (WSJ, 8/22/2011) My Response To Buffett And Obama:  Before you ask for more tax money from me, raise the $2.2 trillion you already collect each year more fairly and spend it more wisely.  Mr. Golub, a former chairman and CEO of American Express, currently serves on the executive committee of the American Enterprise Institute.  [I.e., "Why do you feel entitled to more of my private property, i.e., my money?"]

• Christian Post (8/21/2011) Protestant Schools Focus on Faith; Catholic Schools Focus on Intellect.

• Mail Online (8/22/2011) 'I went on a date and he took me on a burglary': The dates from hell that are taking Twitter by storm.

• Al Mohler (8/22/2011) False Start? The Controversy Over Adam and Eve Heats Up.  The denial of an historical Adam and Eve as the first parents of all humanity and the solitary first human pair severs the link between Adam and Christ which is so crucial to the Gospel.

• Michael Barone (8/22/2011) Our Gay-Marriage Experiment.  Obama is "evolving" on the issue, and so are voters.

• NBC (8/21/2011) Who is going to church? Not who you think, study finds.

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