Tuesday, July 19, 2011

400-408 – Jackie Barnard, a reporter with in Florida, has been covering disturbing custody case in Baker County, Florida, just west of Jacksonville. 

• MY SUMMARY – Last Wednesday, July 13th, 3-year-old Miranda Wilkerson was placed into the custody of her legal father, Donald Coleman.  Miranda had been in the custody of her grandmother, Rita Manning, ever since Miranda's mother Trista Crews, who is Rita's daughter, was killed in a car wreck just one month after Miranda was born.  Rita Manning is the only mother Miranda has ever known.  Donald Coleman had filed for divorce right before Trista died, even noting in the petition that he knew she was pregnant with another man's child, which was Miranda.  But, Miranda was born when Trista and Donald Coleman were still married.  They were married for 14 years, had 3 biological children together, and when they married, Coleman was 38, and Trista was 14.  But, Coleman is not Miranda's biological father, he has a violent criminal history, and he's a registered sex offender.  Miranda has now been taken away from the only home she has ever known, and is living with a total stranger out of state, in Georgia, and he's a sex offender with a violent history on top of it.  Both the biological father, James Wilkerson, and the grandmother are fighting to get Miranda away from Coleman.  Miranda turns 4 this Sunday, July 24th.

• Erich Spivey (First Coast News, 7/18/2011) Miranda Wilkerson Case: Visitation Set for Mediation in Sex Offender Custody Case.

• Jackelyn Barnard & Kaitlyn Ross (First Coast News, 7/16/2011) Miranda Wilkerson: Court Documents Detail Why Sex Offender Got Custody of Child.

• Kaitlyn Ross (First Coast News, 7/16/2011) Adoption Attorney Says Miranda Wilkerson's Case is "Bizarre".

• Jackelyn Barnard (First Coast News, 7/15/2011) Sex Offender Gets Custody of Three-Year-Old Miranda Wilkerson.

• Jackelyn Barnard (First Coast News, 7/15/2011) Baker County Family Court Meets Again in Miranda Wilkerson Case.

• Jackelyn Barnard (First Coast News, 7/13/2011) Grandmother Loses Custody of Girl to Father, Sex Offender.

413-423 – Jackie Barnard

428-438 – Jackie Barnard

443-452 – Calls – If this was your case, if you were the judge, who would you want to give custody of little Miranda to?  Have you faced a difficult custody issue?  What do you do when the law is morally wrong?  Philosophically, this is why you need a human judge to weigh the interests of everyone concerned; it's the whole letter of the law, spirit of the law thing.  What do you do with an immoral law?  Shouldn't the judge be given the authority to grant custody in this case, rather than just obeying the letter of the law?  But, what would happen with a bunch of bad judges?  As the judge, what else would you want to know?  Who's name was on the birth certificate as the father? Was it omitted so Trista could get welfare?

458-508 – Calls –

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• KTLA (7/19/2011) Breastfeeding Doll, Is it Too Much Too Soon?

• Fox News (7/19/2011) Breast-Feeding Doll Is Inappropriate For Children.

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558-608 – Attorney Dan Johnson, of Berglund & Johnson (, 1-800-4-IFHURT), KKLA sponsors for the past 25 years, reports on the recent court case about the Metrolink disaster back on 9/12/2008.

• Andrew Cohen (The Atlantic, 7/18/2011) The Real Victims of 'Tort Reform'.  A judge is forced to make a "Sophie's choice" when divvying up damages after a horrendous passenger train crash.

612-623 – Dan Johnson,

628-639 – Dan Johnson, Lays out the details of the McDonald's coffee case.

644-654 – Dan Johnson, Lays out the Pinto and Van Rollover cases.

• Bret Stephens (WSJ, 7/19/2011) News of the World vs. WikiLeaks.  Only one placed at risk 'the lives of countless innocent individuals.'

• J. Anderson Thomson and Clare Aukofer (LA Times, 7/18/2011) Science and religion: God didn't make man; man made gods.  In recent years scientists specializing in the mind have begun to unravel religion's "DNA."

• NBC Miami (7/19/2011) Man Cut Son's Thumb Sawing Off Cast: Cops.  The 15-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital.