Friday, June 24, 2011

Today we announce the winners of our Truth Matters Bible Conference Contest coming up the first weekend of September out at Grace Community in Sun Valley.  Each of our four winners will get a pair of conference registrations and a copy of John's book "Daily Reading From the Life of Christ."  Winners, we'll be contacting you on Monday.  The winners are:  Danielle Sahiner, Vince Baca, Ovid Joyal, and Jacqueline Stoot.  Congratulations winners!  And, you too can be a winner – in a sense – because starting today and all next week, ending Friday night, when you register for the upcoming Truth Matters Bible Conference (Thu 9/1- Sun 9/4) through our website, by clicking the rotating banner and using promo code "KKLA," you'll get 20% off!

400-408 – Dr. John MacArthur, president of the Master's College and Seminary, and pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley (, author of over 6 dozen books, and heard weekdays at 6:30am and 7:30pm on Grace to You right here on KKLA.  And Grandpa MacArthur enjoys 15 grandchildren, 10 girls and 5 boys!  His latest is entitled Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ (Amazon link).

413-423 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell (link) updates us on SB-48, the bill mandating the teaching about the accomplishments of homosexuals in our public schools, which just passed out of committee and will be coming up for a vote soon. 

• Leginfo, "Senate Bill No. 48".  SB 48 (Leno, D-San Francisco) Instruction: Prohibition of Discriminatory Content – would require that curriculum include the role and contributions of homosexuals in California and American history, "with particular emphasis on portraying the role of these groups in contemporary society." 

• LA Times Editorial (6/22/2011) Gays in textbooks: Two arguments against SB 48.

// Although the editorial board also opposes the bill, it's not because these additions would shatter a child's image of marriage. It's because the board doesn't want to see education politicized. In other words: Politicians shouldn't be in the business of writing textbooks.

The bill, SB 48, adds to an overly long list of requirements, some more reasonable than others, that have been pressed upon the state's textbooks over the years. Minority groups, the elderly and the disabled must be represented proportionally and never portrayed in a bad light. People in poor countries aren't supposed to be shown as poor, lest they be stereotyped, and information on AIDS in Africa must not reflect negatively on the continent. So poor people aren't poor and the elderly are physically fit and financially sound, according to the textbooks -- and we complain that students are poorly educated.

Fables don't make for solid instruction. History is the great story of people, groups and movements -- their faults as well as their accomplishments -- shaping the world up through the events of today. It is a story best told by historians, not by politicians. //

• William May (CCG, 6/23/2011) SB 48 Advances on Party-Line Vote. Thank You to All Who Came to Testify. William B. May is Chairman of Catholics for the Common Good.

• CCG (6/23/2011) CA SB 48 Sexualizes K-12 Public School Students.

428-438 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell

• KETV (6/13/2011) Clergy Proclamation: Being Gay Not A Sin.  Omaha Minister Organizes Effort To Welcome Gays To Church.

OMAHA, Neb. -- Omaha area ministers will publicly unveil a proclamation on Wednesday calling for an end to religious and civil discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Rev. Eric Elnes, pastor of Countryside Community Church, said the proclamation was created because, "we were just fed up with the popular notion that the Christian point of view is anti-gay."

Elnes, who leads an Omaha church of 1,500 members at 87th Street and Pacific Street, said more than 100 ordained Christian ministers have signed the proclamation, including leaders from Lutheran, Episcopalian, United Church of Christ, Methodist and Presbyterian churches.

// "We believe homosexuality is not a sin. It's not a birth defect or a choice. God created people this way. And if God created them this way, they need to be honored for who they are, and fully included in church life and wider society," said Elnes, whose words are reflected in the document.

// His partner, Brad Chapin, said issuing the proclamation is, "the Christian thing to do."

"The whole point of Christianity is love and compassion," said Chapin. Elnes said in ministering to gay, lesbian and transgendered people, he's learned that he must first convince them that God doesn't hate them before he can share the message that God loves them.

"It's very clear and very simple. We want to be open to all people," said Elnes.

443-452 – Assemblyman Mike Morrell

458-508 – Franklin Graham will be at the Home Depot Center in Carson this weekend for the Festival De Esperanza LA (Festival of Hope), the first full-Hispanic crusade in LA all in Spanish (  It's tomorrow night at 7pm, and Sunday night at 5pm.  Franklin just got back from a bike ride to Alaska with Dennis Agajanian in which they were chased by buffalo and a bear!

512-523 – Franklin Graham.

528-539 – • Wichita Eagle (6/24/2011) Kansas golfers hit consecutive holes-in-one on same hole in Hesston.

• Oddee (5/27/2007) 20 Most Amazing Coincidences.  And, don't forget that the winning New York Lotto numbers on the first anniversary of 911, September 11, 2002, were "9-1-1."

544-554 – Calls – What's your amazing coincidence story?

558-608 – [Best Of]  The "Thousands or Billions" Debate between Drs. Hugh Ross & Jason Lisle. 

Hugh Ross is the founder and president of Reasons to Believe (, and is both an astrophysicist (Ph.D., University of Vancouver) and a pastor, the author of over a dozen books, including his latest, Why The Universe Is The Way It Is.

Jason Lisle is with Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis (, and he's the designer of their Creation Museum in Cincinnati, his Ph.D. in astrophysics is from the University of Colorado, and his latest book is The Ultimate Proof of Creation: Resolving The Origins Debate.

My intro, "You're both Christians, you both love the Lord, you both revere the Bible as God's inerrant Word, you're both hostile to naturalism and evolution, and you're both trained in astrophysics – yet you both differ on cosmology and the age of the Earth.  The purpose of our time today is to talk about those differences.  Today, I hope to hear your best arguments in defense of your position, your strongest arguments against the other position, and then each of your rebuttals to those arguments.  Here's a question to get us started...When you look through a telescope, do you see a canopy of stars that is thousands or billions of years old and why?  I also want to talk about what you think is at stake in this debate, as well as the Hebrew word "yom" that we translate "day," dinosaurs, extent of the flood, the appearance of age and the "deception" arguments, etc.

612-623Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

628-639 – Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

644-654 – Dr. Hugh Ross & Dr. Jason Lisle

• Live 5 (6/24/2011) Police: Baby died from morphine in breast milk.

• OCR (6/24/2011) Mom defends plastic surgery gift to girl, 7.

British mom Sarah Burge is defending her decision to give her 7-year-old daughter a gift certificate for breast implants or $11,000 worth of other plastic surgery when she reaches age 16.

"I'm a professional person and an associate of a cosmetic surgery company," Burge said. "To me it's no different from if I was a car manufacturer, reserving a car for my daughter when she is 18."