Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today we're partnering with Andy Bales and the Union Rescue Mission to move 16 desperate families into a sanctuary called Hope Gardens by July 1.  There are now 55 families sleeping in cots or EDAR tents in their overcrowded Community Room at the Mission, and there's only room for 16 more families at Hope Gardens.  These families now sleep, eat, shower, and play in a large communal areas – think a gym floor and the locker room showers. These families are mostly young women with young children. 

Hope Gardens is a sanctuary for these young families, located adjacent to the Angeles National Forest on 77 beautiful acres, it provides transitional housing for 175 women and children for up to 18 months, where moms complete their education and learn new job skills, and kids can once again – well – be kids, surrounded by grass, trees, and playground equipment – a whole world away from the horrors of skid row. 

Your gift in any amount is appreciated, but for all gifts of $100 or more given during the show, those gifts will be tripled thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor named "Scott."

For your gift of $1,500, we want to invite you to come to the station for a VIP tour, sit here in the studio with me during the last part of our show, and then you'll join Andy and I for something to eat here at our studio.

And, for your gift of $6,500, I'll come and do my show at your home or business! (Some restrictions apply.)

To help, call (888) 799-4999 or give online at

Tunyshia Settles – Came from Michigan to Los Angeles to be with her dying mother last May.  Her grandmother died around Thanksgiving, she tried to stay with other family, but there were problems, and she was homeless for about two weeks.  However, she wasn't alone – she had with her her 10-year-old son Rashid, and her 15 month old grandson Isaiah too.  She went into Hope Gardens in the middle of January, and has now been there for the past 4 months.

Krysta Warfield – Fled domestic violence up in Valencia with her three daughters, ages then 14, 8, and 4.  She ultimately ended up on the street with a drug habit.  She entered a voluntary treatment program, placing her kids into the system, and did so well that she was accepted into Hope Gardens with her three kids.  Over the past two years, there's been a huge transformation in her family.  She'll be graduating in the Spring, she was just on the honor roll, as a paralegal and now needs a job in the legal field.