Monday, April 11, 2011

Today we're down here at Dove Canyon Country Club for the 7th Annual Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic with proceeds benefiting the two upcoming Harvest Crusades:  Angel Stadium August 12-13-14, and Dodger Stadium Saturday September 10. 

This year, again, we're inviting you to "invest in the Kingdom by investing in changed lives by sharing the Word" – and you can do that by providing Start! Bibles that will be given to every person who goes forward and personally talks with a counselor at the Harvest Crusades.

Each Start! Bible is $2.00, and we're asking you to buy 10 for $20, or 25 for $50.  We'll need more than 10,000 for Angel Stadium alone.

To make your pledge, call 951-354-1174 right now!  Or, go to

• 4,222,518 people have attended a Harvest Crusade event in person;  350,719 of them indicated a decision.

• 1.1 million people have logged in to the live Harvest webcasts, over 558,000 doing so last year.

• Since 1990, over 450,000 bibles have been distributed.

Last year in Anaheim, 118,000 people attended with 11,789 decisions, and 290,433 logged in to the webcast.

• This year, over 300 churches are participating this year, along with 6,000 volunteers.


400-408 – Mike Jonker, is the campus pastor at Harvest Orange County, and pastor of the 500-member College and Career Ministry at Harvest Riverside called "The Well," and for the past six years, he's Directed Harvest Anaheim.  Mike explains how the "Start! Rallies" work, where the follow-up volunteers are trained at various locations, oftentimes by participating senior pastors.  Get involved at

413-423 – Mike Jonker,

428-437 – Josh Thompson, is an Associate Pastor at Harvest, working with both the High School and College & Career ministries, and he helped develop their "G3 Youth Program" – bouncing off Judges 7:7, "Then the Lord said to Gideon, 'By the three hundred men who lapped [water] I will save you, and deliver the Midianites into your hand. Let all the other people go, every man to his place.'"

443-452 – Josh Thompson,

458-508 – Mark Finnigan, he is a Harvest Crusade director. He and his wife Shannon (then live-in girlfriend) were invited to the Harvest Crusade in 1994 by friends. They responded to the invitation that night and committed their lives to Christ, talked to a counselor and received a new believers Bible – they got married a week later. Today we talk about the importance of inviting people to the Harvest Crusades.

512-523 – John Collins, Executive Director of the Harvest Crusades (, explains how the "Start! Discipleship Program" works – what happens after a person has gone forward, talked with a counselor, received a Start! Bible and returned home – it's time for a "Start! Friend" to begin discipling them.

528-539 – Jennifer Jenson, is the Director of Harvest Home (, a Christ-centered, residential program for homeless, pregnant women in Venice Beach, was featured last night at 8pm in the season finale of Secret Millionaire on ABC – and presented a check for $50,000!  Jennifer is so passionate about Harvest Home because 15 years ago she experienced an unplanned pregnancy and placed her daughter up for adoption.

ABC's new inspirational reality show Secret Millionaire chose Westside non-profit Harvest Home, as one of the charities, for their final show of the season.  Discover what happens when one millionaire leaves her life of luxury to go undercover as volunteer at a women's shelter called Harvest Home.

The producers of Secret Millionaire search for real life heroes at local charities who are making a difference in people's lives.  Harvest Home is one such charity.   As the only homeless shelter for pregnant women on the Westside of Los Angeles, Harvest Home provides crucial services to women through a comprehensive program that focuses on increasing employability through education; imparting necessary life skills; promoting emotional and financial independence; and finding spiritual wholeness.  Harvest Home gives women the tools needed to overcome the root causes of homelessness and provides continued counseling and support after they leave the program.

A vulnerable and fast growing segment of the homeless population, pregnant women and their children find refuge at Harvest Home, a place where new lives begin.

544-554 – Jennifer Jenson,

558-608 – Greg Laurie (by phone) pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside since 1979 (, host of the Harvest Crusades since 1990, and host of A New Beginning heard twice daily here on KKLA at 5:30am and 12:30pm.  And, as of yesterday morning, he's also the pastor of Harvest Orange County, where he'll preach every Sunday at 11:30am.  The new location is 2727 Campus Dr., Irvine (near the corner of Campus and Jamboree, between the 405 and the 73).

• Greg and his wife Cathe have had two sons, Christopher (1975–2008 July 24) and Jonathan (1986).  And they have four grand daughters: Stella (2006) and Lucy (2008) from Christopher & Brittany, and Riley (2005) and Alexandra (2010) from Jonathan & Brittni.

• The Auckland New Zealand Harvest Crusade is June 25-26 (link).

• The Angel Stadium Harvest Crusade is August 12-14 (link).

• The Dodger Stadium Harvest Crusade is September 10 (link).

612-623 – Cathe Laurie,

628-639 – David Rivera, on the Development Team for the Harvest Crusades, introduces the 2011 Presenting Sponsor for the Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic, Phil & Dana Liberatore, of the IRS Problem Solvers (, 877-6-SOLVER).

644-656 – Kim Adkins, is on staff at Harvest Christian Fellowship, and does what we would call in the business world "customer relations," e.g., she answers phones, mail, email, and does "hospitality booth" kind of stuff on campus.