Wednesday, February 9, 2011

400-408 – Andy Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission (, was just named the Fundraising Professional of the Year.

413-423 – Last night on CSPAN (2/8/2011), they broadcast a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and the hot topic was the taxpayer funding of abortion under Obamacare and the new bill to stop it – HR 3, entitled The No TaxPayer Funding of Abortion Act, introduced by Republican Chris Smith from New Jersey last month.. 

The Chairman is Republican Trent Franks from Arizona, and he did a great job showcasing the stark differences between the old pro-choice Democrats who passed Obamacare last year, and the new pro-life Republicans who want it repealed.

Congressman Franks began with an opening statement, and right away, some protestors got up with red tape across their mouths trying to disrupt the proceedings. They were, of course, escorted out – but that didn't distract Franks from making a great opening statement.

(1:09) AH1. Republican Trent Franks from Arizona opens the hearing.

In response came Democrat Jerrold Nadler from New York, who was Chairman of this very same committee in the previous congress.  And what a difference an election makes!  Listen to Nadler's argument that poor people have been victimized by the Hyde Amendment in the past, and they'll be the victims in the future too.

(:58) AH2  Democrat Jerrold Nadler from New York responds.

You can't tell me that Nadler didn't know about this story that came out on Monday.

• CBS News (1/7/2011) NYC's 41% Abortion Rate Riles Religious Leaders.  Archbishop Timothy Dolan Calls Gathering of Clerics, Asks for Efforts to Make Abortions "Rare".  CBS News recently reported that 41% of pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) in New York City end in abortion – nearly twice the national rate of 24%.  For African-Americans in New York City, the numbers are even more grim, nearly 6 out of 10 pregnancies end in abortion (59.8%).  According to Planned Parenthood's own figures for 2008, they had an adoption referral rate of only 0.7% of all clients that year – meaning, less than 1% of the time do they successfully counsel a woman to seek an alternative.

Franks then called another witnesses, Richard Doerflinger of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and asked him about the freedom that healthcare providers have to follow their conscience when it comes to performing abortions – remember, HR 3 will support the freedom of conscience.

(1:06) AH3  (Conscience) Franks questions Richard Doerflinger with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Democrat Mike Quigly from Illinois tried to take on Richard Doerlinger, but Quigly was out of his league.

(1:35) AH4 (The Pill) Democrat Mike Quigly from Illinois questions Richard Doerflinger.

• (:48) AH4b (short). Doerflinger's short response.

It was clear that what was playing out in this hearing was a sort of dueling Congressman scenario – our pro-lifers who love life against those on the other side who champion abortion and cheer on Planned Parenthood.

So let's start this session of "Dueling Congressman" with our man, Republican Mike Pence from Indiana ……


Congressman Mike Pence not only supports HR-3, but he wants to go even further...

(1:01) AH5. (Defund PP) Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN) talks about defunding Planned Parenthood.


Now Democrat John Conyers from Michigan had heard enough, he just couldn't understand what Mike Pence had against that wonderful, angelic women's support group, Planned Parenthood...

(:35) AH6 (PP love) Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) shares his love for Planned Parenthood.

Then came the exchange of the day.  Pence questioned Cathy Ruse from the Family Research Council about what she thinks will happen if ObamaCare's federally-funded abortions remains unchecked by HR-3.

(1:16) AH7 (ObamaCare Unchecked) Pence talks with Cathy Ruse, Family Research Council Senior Fellow for Legal Studies.

(:26) AH7b. Ruse short response.

If you're over 50, tear up your AARP card and join the conservative alternative AMAC!  Go to and join AMAC (The Association of Mature American Citizens).

443-452 – • Fox News (2/8/2011) College Coach Tom Walter Donates Kidney to Baseball Player Kevin Jordan at Wake Forest.  Calls: What's the most sacrificial gift you've given someone or have ever been given?

458-508 – Calls

512-523 – Calls.  Tony calls and says those interested in donating bone marrow over a weekend and call him on his personal cell phone (714) 329-8565.

528-539 – Calls.  Jason shares about his birth mom, whom he never knew.  Elizabeth shares about being a real "Good Samaritan" to a homeless woman with a little girl, she drove them to the Motel 6 in Rosemead, paid for it, and even gave her enough money to eat at El Pollo Loco.

544-554 – Calls.  Donate your vacation time to someone in need?

558-608 – Calls.  Carla shares about her son's accidental death (he shot himself in the head with a .22) and how wonderful the chaplaincy program at Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia was, especially Chaplain Marjorie Link.

Steve Mays, senior pastor of the 9000-member Calvary Chapel South Bay (, his Light of the Word is heard weeknights right after our show at 7pm, is out with his brand new book Crossing The Line.  Steve is currently teaching out of Exodus, just finishing a series on the Tabernacle.  And Thursday nights they're in Mark.

Their 11th Annual Pastors Conference is coming up Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 21-22, at CCSB, and both evenings are open to the public.  On Monday night at 7:30pm, it's Skip Heitzig from Calvary Chapel Albuquerque.  And on Tuesday at 730pm, it'll be Greg Laurie from Harvest Christian Fellowship.

612-623 – Calls. Shane donated an extra guitar to the younger of two brothers who were part of his youth group at church who were sharing a guitar.

628-639 – Cherry raises guide dogs.  Kay becomes an anonymous Santa.  Becky became a surrogate daughter.  Lisa, a single mom, has a friend that helped her with breast cancer.

644-656 – Steve Mays

(1:24) Beauty Queen (Reporting is Eileen Gonzales with KSAT 12 News ABC in San Antonio, TX @ 2/9/2011. Included in the story are clips from Dominique Ramirez, a pageant board spokeswoman, and Dominique's lawyer.)

• ABC News (2/9/2011) Miss San Antonio Goes to Court to Keep Crown. Calls: What's the line between inner and outer beauty for a pageant winner? Parents, how do you talk to your kids about the topic of beauty? Where does being a healthy/fit Christian fit into your discussions?