Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks to president Barry Corey and vice-president Irene Neller at Biola University for hosting a wonderful event with Chuck Colson this past Saturday to launch the "Do The Right Thing" DVD series put out by the Colson Center.  It was standing room only at 9am on a Saturday morning!  I know those of you who attended got a lot out of it, and for those who weren't there, stay tuned for roll-out of the curriculum coming to church, ministry, or college curriculum near you.

400-408 – • Bloginity (2/7/2011) Christina Aguilera National Anthem Video: Super Bowl 2011 Lyric Error.  Calls: You can change your name if you want- What is your most embarrassing moment? Any stories on how you made a mistake and God redeemed it?

(1:58) Nat. Anthem full. (Christina Aguilera at Super Bowl 2011 in Arlington, TX @ 2/7/2011.)

The National Anthem (Christina Aguilera, Francis Scott Key) –

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?

Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,

What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming?

[O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?]

And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

(:17) Anthem mistake "...thru the perilous fight, What so proudly we watched at the twilight's last gleaming?"

(:46) Elizabeth Hughes, Jan 7, 2010, at the Norfolk Admirals hockey game, when her mic goes dead and the crowd finishes the song.

• Viralvideos (1/13/2011) Little Girl Elizabeth Hughes Singing National Anthem, Microphone Dies, Crowd Finishes The Song.

413-423 – Calls – Your most embarrassing moment?

428-437 – • Elizabeth Tenety (Washington Post, "On Faith", 2/4/2011) Mark Kelly: Giffords's shooting perhaps part of 'larger plan'.  Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords's husband, Naval officer and astronaut Mark Kelly gave the closing prayer at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington Thursday morning and related that his wife, who was critically injured in a shooting rampage last month, (Jan 8) "continues to improve. Every day she gets a little bit better."

(1:26) Kelly 1.  (Mark Kelly, Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford's husband, speaks at the end of the National Prayer Breakfast 2/3/2011.)  "Gabby continues to improve. Every day she gets a little bit better....

(:16) Kelly 1A (short).  "When something like this happens it's natural to think 'How, why could this happen? Why were six people killed?'  Why was a nine-year old girl, an innocent child, killed who just wanted to meet her congresswoman?"

(:16) Kelly 2A.  "Why was Gabby shot through the head and left barely clinging to life?  We can't ever know the answers to these questions, we won't, but thankfully miraculously, Gabby survives. 

• (:25) Kelly 2B.  "I was telling Gabby just the other night --two nights ago --that you know, maybe this event, this terrible event, maybe it was fate. I hadn't been a big believer in fate until recently. I thought the world just spins and the clock just ticks and things happen for no particularity reason."  

• (:41) Kelly 2C.  President Lincoln was a big believer in fate. He said 'The almighty has his own purposes.' He believed that there was a larger plan. I can only hope and I told Gabby the other night, that maybe it's possible that this is just one small part of that same plan: that this event, horrible and tragic, was not merely random, that maybe something good can come from all this.  Maybe it's our responsibility, maybe it's your responsibility, to see that something does."

• SHORT (:21) I can only hope and I told Gabby the other night, that maybe it's possible that this is just one small part of that same plan: that this event, horrible and tragic, was not merely random, that maybe something good can come from all this.

(:43) Kelly 3.  "As many of you know, I'm an astronaut.  I've been fortunate on three separate occasions in my life to look down on this planet from space.  We orbit the Earth at about nearly the same distance that Washington is from my hometown West Orange, New Jersey.  But, from space, far above that traffic on the New Jersey turnpike, you have an entirely different perspective of life on our planet.  It's humbling to see the earth as God created in the context of God's vast universe."

(1:16) Kelly 4.  "Many of you may know that my twin brother Scott is also an astronaut.  And, through this very difficult time,  he's been aboard the International Space Station.  It's a really tough place to be when your twin brother and your family and the nation is going through something so difficult.  He was asked by several journalists, what it's like to be so far away  and unable to return to his family at this time.  And, I think what he said bares repeating.  Scott said, "What we do here in space is incredibly challenging, our country faces a lot of challenges, and the way we address those challenges is through teamwork.  And, I'd like to see more teamwork, with more people, not only in government, but everyone in meeting the challenges our country faces.  Hopefully, if anything good can come from this, it's that we learn to work better together."  Scott concluded by saying, "We are better than this.  We must do better."  My brother is right.  I know we'll do better.  And I know that prayer must be part of that effort."

(:49) Kelly 5A.  "One morning when Gabby was still in Tucson, at the Tucson University Medical Center, I was outside, visiting that memorial that just sprung up on the grass in front of the hospital.  It isn't a formal religious site, but there were a lot of angels that people left there.  A lot, I mean a lot, of religious material on the lawn, Bibles, angels, prayers.  And the people of Arizona have turned that place into a place of prayer.  A pilgrimage site.  On that particular morning, there was no wind, there were candles burning on the lawn, hundreds of them, and it was like stepping into a church, a place with heaven itself as its ceiling. 

(:25) Kelly 5B.  That reminded me, that you don't need a church, a Temple, or a mosque to pray.  You don't even need a building or walls, or even an altar.  You pray where you are.  You pray when God is there in your heart.  And prayer isn't just asking.  It's also listening for answers and expressing gratitude – which I've been doing a lot of lately.

(1:14) Kelly 6.  With that, I'd like to conclude with a prayer that my wife's Rabbi, Rabbi Stephanie Erin, who married us, who I believe is in the audience here today (not positive about that, I'll try to find her later), who said over Gabby's hospital bed, on the first night when this happened on January 8th.  Rabbi Erin said, "In the name of God, (and this is my prayer), in the name of God, our God of Israel, make Michael, God's angel-messenger of compassion, watch over your right side.  May Gabriel, God's angel-messenger of strength and courage be on your left.  And before you, guiding your path, Urial, God's angel of light.  And behind you, supporting you, stands Raphael, God's angel of healing.  And, over your head, surrounding you, is the presence of the Divine."   Thank you, God bless you.  And please, please-please, continue to keep Gabby's thoughts and prayers in your heart.  It is really helping.  Thank you.

443-452 – What set-back have you had in your life, that at the time, looked really bad, but somehow God has brought good out of it?

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644-656 –  • CBS Sacramento (2/6/2011) Man Survives Huge 'Alien' Tumor. 

(2:25) Tumor. (CBS News team in Sacramento shares the story of Josh Abken and how he survived a soccer ball sized tumor located in his back @ 2/6/2011.)

(:17) Tumor (short)

(:08) Not a Tumor (Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Kindergarten Cop.)

• Collin Hansen (Christianity Today, 2/4/2011) The Son and the Crescent: Bible translations that avoid the phrase "Son of God" are bearing dramatic fruit among Muslims. But that translation has some missionaries and scholars dismayed.

• Fox News (2/7/2011) Amid Unrest, Egyptian Christians Fear for Their Future.