Monday, November 1, 2010

400-408 – J. Jackson from the Christian parody band Apologetix will be in our area this coming weekend for three concerts.  Listen to free samples from their 18 CDs, including their latest Soundproof, and get more tickets and information at their webpage

(1:13) Montage off the new Apologetix CD entitled Soundproof.

FRI 11/5 at 730pm in La Quinta at Family Heritage Church (

SAT 11/6 at 700pm in Riverside at Wesley United Methodist Church (

SUN 11/7 at 600pm in Whittier at First Love Calvary Chapel (

413-423 – Craig Huey, oversees two Voter Guide sites that I recommend, and, both linked at my homepage at  They're getting 10,000 hits per day!

428-437 – Brian Wilson is the eccentric "closer", or ace relief pitcher, for the San Francisco Giants who led the major leagues this past season with 48 saves.  And, he's getting a ton of attention for not only his new beard that he dyes jet-black, and his "Fear The Beard" chanting fans, but also for his unique post-save routine, where he crosses his arms into an X, with one hand a fist and the other a pointing index finger, and then points up to the sky.  I was curious what that was all about.  It ends up, he's a Christian!

• He was the #2 starter for the LSU Tigers, got drafted in the 24th round by the Giants in 2003, then promptly had Tommy John surgery on his elbow.  He made his big league debut on April 23, 2006, then got sent down to AAA San Jose after a rough Spring Training in 2007.  He got called back up in August 2007, converted 6 of 7 save opportunities, and became the Giants closer to start the 2008 season, and was named to his first All Star team.  He saved 38 of 45 in 2009, before leading the major leagues in 2010 with 48 saves in 53 opportunities.

(4:55) Wilson testimony. (Brian Wilson, closer for the SF Giants shares the meaning behind his crossed arms signal and shares a bit of his testimony at Fellowship Day at AT&T Park @ 2009).  YouTube.

(4:13) Wilson dad. (Unknown interviewer asks Brian Wilson about the loss of his dad and his "religion".)

443-452 – Do you find yourself pulling for athletes and actors you know are Christians?  Or, against those who endorse candidates you oppose?  For example, just this morning, I heard actor Dennis Haysbert, Jonas from The Unit, the president in early 24, and the guy in the Allstate commercials, doing a voice over for Barbara Boxer.  I love this guy as an actor, but now, I'm less interested in watching him.  Any of you have the same experience?  I'm not consistent with this however, I still like Elton John, Barbara Streisand, and Linda Ronstadt.  But I am more inclined to like Gary Sinese and Jon Voight because they're conservatives.  Any of you come to Christ as a result of a celebrity?

(1:00) Dennis Haysbert voices the "Overboard" - Boxer Radio Ad. YouTube.

458-508 – Calls

512-523 – Calls

528-539 – Calls

544-554 – Calls

558-608 – Calls

612-623 – Calls

628-639 – Calls

644-656 – Calls

• Statepress (10/28/2010) One-way ticket makes Mars mission possible, says professor.  Would you go?  Who would you send?

(:54) PO Votes. (President Obama speaks in Cleveland, OH @ 10/31/2010).

• Keith Johnson (11/01/2010) Anti-Washington Ire Kindles an Old Debate.  Republican candidates in more than a half-dozen states have called for the repeal of the 17th Amendment, which was ratified in 1913 and which provides for the direct election of U.S. senators. Prior to the amendment, senators were designated by state legislatures.

• AP (11/01/2010) Baghdad church siege ends with 52 dead.

• Henry Olsen (11/01/2010) Day of the Democratic Dead: This election is a referendum not on Obama personally, but on Obama as liberal progressive.  — Henry Olsen is vice president of the American Enterprise Institute and director of its National Research Initiative.