Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today, we're down at Biola University for the Grand Opening of the Great Isaiah Scroll Exhibit that will be available for free public viewing here on campus in Calvary Chapel, starting tomorrow and continuing through December 15 (make sure to check the viewing schedule here).  This is an exact copy of the 23-foot-long original that was written 2,100 years ago, and discovered in 1947 in a cave near Qumran, amid the other Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Great Isaiah Scroll is just one of three complete scrolls among the 900 documents that comprise the DSS.

You may also want to attend four special lectures given by experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls (9/7, 10/12, 11/9, and 12/14) – the first one is tonight at 7pm given by George Giacumakis, director of the Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings in Irvine (, from whom this facsimile of the Great Isaiah Scroll is on loan.  If you'd like to come this evening, admission is $15.00, and you'll also be getting both a Great Isaiah Scroll Handbook, and an English translation of the whole Book of Isaiah based on the Great Isaiah Scroll, along with some light refreshments.  Would love to see you here!

400-408 – Scott Moffatt, Senior Pastor of Legacy Church in Orange County (, which owns the GIS, is also an Adjunct Professor of History at Biola (, and today we talk about why the GIS is "more messianic" than other Isaiah texts.

413-423 – Jeff Volkmer, Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies (, on the impact of the Dead Sea Scrolls on Biblical Studies and the "new & improved" translations.

428-437 – George Giacumakis, Adjunct Professor at Biola University (, and director of the Museum of Biblical & Sacred Writings in Irvine (, from whom the Great Isaiah Scroll is on loan, on the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

438 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

443-452 – Barry Corey, president of Biola University (, on what it means for Talbot and Biola to host the Grand Opening of the Great Isaiah Scroll Exhibit on campus.  Today Barry shares why Talbot plays a key role in nurturing the soul of the university and their commitment to biblical fidelity.  BTW, Biola was named one of the "up and coming" universities by US News & World Report.

458-508 – Neil Mammen, founder of, an organization that trains everyday people to use apologetics in evangelism without awkwardness.  His latest book is Jesus Is Involved in Politics: Why Aren't You and Why Isn't Your Church?  Today we talk about the historicity of the Bible.

512-523 – Neil Mammen

528-539 – Ken Ham, President and Founder of Answers in Genesis (, author of many creationist books and articles, and curator of the high-tech Creation Museum near the Cincinnati Airport.  Today we talk about the historicity of the Bible. 

544-554 – Ken Ham

558-608 – First Hour Replay

612-623 – First Hour Replay

628-639 – First Hour Replay

644-652 – First Hour Replay

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