August 31, 2010

Today we're partnering with Feed The Children ( to provide a backpack filled with food, hygiene items, and age-appropriate school supplies for a homeless elementary or junior-high student right here in LA.  Each backpack is just $20!  Call 877-714-5437 to help, or give online at   Tony Sellars, Director of Communications at Feed The Children joins us.  $100 helps 5 students, $200 helps 10 students, and $500 helps a classroom of students.

• 38,000 homeless children in L.A. County, and 288,000 in the state.

• 1/3 of all American children will experience poverty at some point in their childhood. There are now 1.5 million homeless children in the U.S.  42% are under 6.  Over a million attend public school.

• 40% of the families FTC assists are members of the "working poor" in which at least one person has a job – meaning, it often comes down to rent or food, medicine or food, utilities or food, etc.

• Poor children are twice as likely to repeat a grade, and half as likely to graduate from college.

• In 2010, a family of four is "poor" if their income is less than $25,000.

• 4 million American children are under the full-time care of their grandparents.

• FTC has distributed over 250,000 backpacks to homeless students in the past four years.

• 93% of all giving goes to "program services" (childcare, food, medical, disaster relief, education).