Wednesday, July 7, 2010

400-408Daniel Fazzina, host of the Divine Intervention Radio Show ( and author of a book by the same name, Divine Intervention: Amazing True Stories of God's Miracles Today - Volume I, that shares 33 stories of people who have experienced the hand of God in amazing ways.  J Jackson of Apologetix said we must have Daniel on!

413-423Dave Bixby, Executive Vice President at Azusa Pacific University (, is heading up the Treasures of the Bible: Dead Sea Scrolls & Beyond Tour out at APU, that's open until Sunday July 18th.  Go see some never-before displayed artifacts including:  a 5,000 year old cuneiform tablet, five not-yet-translated DSS fragments from the time of Christ, a Greek gospel codex from the 11th century, a Gutenberg Bible leaf from 1455, 4 original King James Bibles from 1611, an Elliot Bible from 1663 in the Algonquin Indian Language, a Lunar Bible from the 1970 Apollo 13 mission, a first-edition Justification by Faith by John Bunyan, and a bunch of copies of his Pilgrims Progress, and a bunch of hand-written notes by C.S. Lewis.  General admission is $18.00, $12.00 for groups of 15 or more, and kids under 12 are $5.00. For more information, go to 

• The first 20 callers get 2 free tickets by calling (626) 815-5494.

428-437 Jeff Myers, chairman of the board of Summit Ministries ( and President of Passing the Baton International (, and who, for the past 20 years, has been on the front lines of youth leadership development as a college professor, communicator, author and curriculum developer.  He's authored seven books including Handoff, and five video-coaching systems including Understanding the Times, the curriculum that introduced biblical worldview training to Christian schools around the world.  More than two million people have used Jeff's training courses in worldview, leadership and communication.  Summit hosts 2-week conferences throughout the summer around the country, and the cost is just $895 for the entire two weeks – a great insurance policy against the thousands of dollars you'll be paying in college tuition, and a wonderful way to inoculate your kids against the toxic ideas that infect university campuses.

Today we talk about helping kids overcome their limitations, their fear of failure, and their unwillingness to do hard things.  It boils down to helping them understand it's all about character not results.  You truly "win," not by finishing first, but by doing your best. 

• Jeff Myers (6/22/2010) Why Are Some Kids Engaged and Motivated--and Others Are Not?

443-452Jeff Myers

458-508 Britt Merrick, ( pastor of Reality Church in Carpinteria ( – a multi-campus church called The Reality Network (located in Los Angeles, Stockton, Ventura, London and San Francisco), and author of Big God: What Happens When We Trust Him (  Britt was supposed to have taken over the family business, Channel Island Surfboards, one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in the world, from his father, Surfer Hall of Famer Al Merrick, but God called Britt into ministry instead.  Last September (2009), Britt's 5 year old daughter, Daisy, was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and after 7 months of chemo and radiation, she was given a "cancer free" report on May 7th.  Today we talk about "Faith Hall of Fame" out of Hebrews 11, as he writes about it in his latest book, Big God: What Happens When We Trust Him.  The key idea is that faith is trust, it's trust in the knowledge that Jesus is better than anything else – worldly riches, fame, family, even the life of your daughter.  And, that once you have Jesus, it's the knowledge that He is enough and nothing else is necessary.

512-523 Britt Merrick

528-538Tom Doyle, Director of International Ministries and Middle East Specialist for E3 Partners (, "Equip, Evangelize, Establish"), is the author of Breakthrough: The Return of Hope to the Middle East (  Tom has just finished filming How to Love Muslims to Christ down at Horizon Christian Fellowship with Mike MacIntosh and Joel Rosenberg in hopes that it will mobilize Christians for more effective Muslim outreach right here in the United States – last year, 23,000 Muslims came to faith in Christ in the US.  Tom has led over 80 trips to the Middle East over the past 15 years.  Today he updates us on what they're doing in the Middle East, especially their Ethan Project in Gaza, performing surgeries on kids with cleft palettes.

• Weekly Standard (7/7/2010) CNN Editor Fired for Saying She Has "Respect" for Hezbollah Cleric.

544-554Tom Doyle

555 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

558-608Dan Nelson & Shawn Murphy, co-founders of Trinity Financial Services ( 800-466-2055), an organization committed to helping you with your loan modification or debt settlement.  They offer "real financial solutions."  And get "real results."  Joining us is one of their customers, Lois

612-623Ken Ham, President and Founder of Answers in Genesis (, host of his daily Answers … with Ken Ham radio program heard on more than 1,000 stations in America (and dozens more overseas), author of many creationist books and articles, as well as curator of the high-tech Creation Museum near the Cincinnati Airport – which just celebrated their one-millionth visitor back in April, in just less than three years. 

Today, we talk about why the social problems all around us are rooted in moral failure – and how that moral failure is but a symptom of something more fundamental, an authority failure, the failure of the church to uphold Biblical authority.  In this post-Christian culture, our focus must be on saving and strengthening the church specifically, not the culture generally.  We must realize we're no longer in Jerusalem, as Peter was in Acts 2 speaking to Jews, rather, we're in Athens speaking to Greeks, as Paul was in Acts 17. 

• Ken Ham (7/6/2010) Atheists Outline Their Global Religious Agenda.

• Ken Ham (5/22/2010) Go Get Your Own DNA.

628-638Ken Ham

644-652Ken Ham