Thursday, May 27, 2010

My "How I Will Be Voting on June 8th" is now up at

Our next book signing will be next Friday night, June 4th at 7pm, at the Barnes and Noble Americana in Glendale.

400-408 Bob Hamer, is a real-life Jack Bauer, a veteran FBI agent who's spent 26 years infiltrating and working undercover in the Russian mob, the Iraqi syndicate, the Crips, La Costa Nostra, and his last undercover, infiltrating NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association.  A Marine, a law school graduate, a recipient of the FBI Director's Award for Distinguished Service, but most importantly, a husband and father, is out with his latest entitled Enemies Among Us (  It's set in Los Angeles, and it tells the story of Matt Hogan posing as a volunteer at a Christian medical charity that is supposed to be helping third-world children, but is instead, a front for terrorists.  It's published by Fidelis, a group led by Oliver North, of writers who are the real thing, combat veterans, world champion martial artists, and undercover agents.

• Bob just posted this comment about Shattered on,

I'm not really sure what I was expecting. I've been a guest on Frank's radio show and am so impressed (maybe even a little intimidated) by his intellect. I used to be a huge baseball fan and even though it may sound trite 9/11 changed me. I don't recall watching an entire sporting event since that day. Today my heroes wear Kevlar. So with Frank's new book I wasn't looking for another locker room jock snapping memoir or a Biblical exegesis. I was flying cross country and wanted an airplane read. I started reading and couldn't put it down. He not only entertained but he challenged me. This isn't a cookie-cutter come to Jesus book but the story of a man who struggled and questioned and persevered. Thanks, Frank. As soon as I got home I bought a copy for my dad for Father's Day.

413-423 Dr. Duane Pettit, an optometrist, shares with us about his natural alternative to lasik surgery he calls the Gentle Molding Procedure – perfect for children and adults, for those who have had lasik already and need a touch up, and even for those of us over 40 who would like to lose those reading glasses.  His office is in Long Beach, call for a free consultation (562) 497-2020 (

428-437Mike Fabarez, senior pastor of Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo (, whose Focal Point is heard Sunday mornings here on KKLA at 9:30, talks about the "Footsteps of Paul" trip he just got back from on Monday through Greece, Turkey & Italy.

443-452 Mike Fabarez

458-508Hormoz Shariat, "the Billy Graham of Iran," is the founder of Iran Alive Ministries ( he founded the Iranian Christian Church up in the Bay Area in 1987 which has now grown to four locations and over 400 members – all converts from Islam.  Hormoz is also the host of ICTV, a Christian call-in show in Farsi, beamed into Iran via satellite, where thousands each week make the decision to follow Jesus Christ.   In 1979, he was in the streets of Iran chanting "Death to America" as a good radical Muslim, then he came to USC to get a Ph.D. in computer engineering.  He was spiritually empty, with a divorce date set, and he reads the Koran one more time, not getting any direction.  Then he read the Gospel of Matthew and was confronted with the person of Jesus.  As a result, he came to faith in Christ at Church of the Open Door here in LA.  He's happily married, and lives in the Bay Area, with his three children.  Today, Iran has a population of 70 million, and 70% or 49 million of the them are under the age of 30.

• Fox News (5/27/2010) Counterterror Adviser Defends Jihad as 'Legitimate Tenet of Islam'.  The president's top counterterrorism adviser on Wednesday called jihad a "legitimate tenet of Islam," arguing that the term "jihadists" should not be used to describe America's enemies. 

512-523Hormoz Shariat

TH 524 – [2:00] Don Rohde (818) 262-2092.  For the past 38 years, Don has been a sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 20 consecutive years.  Galpin has been family-owned and operated for the past 59 years, and 90% of their business is repeat or referral.  Galpin offers Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin.  Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Roscoe and the 405.

528-538Alex Harris & Brett Harris, twins who launched the website at the age of 16 (that's gotten over 20 million hits so far) is an online community where young people encourage one another to do "hard things" – from digging wells in Africa, to building clinics, to getting used shoes from America to those who've never owned shoes in Africa.  Their first book is entitled Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations, and today they launch their second book Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are.  Today, we were going to talk about their new book, but instead, I wanted to talk about one of the very hard things they're going through – their mom, Sono, was just diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer.

539 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

544-554 Alex Harris & Brett Harris

558-608 Greg Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside (, and host of A New Beginning now heard twice daily here on KKLA, at 5:30am, and 12:30pm.  Greg also does "Thursdays With Greg" at 7pm in Irvine, at 2777 McGaw between the 5 and the 405.  Today, Greg shares about his recent trip to the Holy Land that he just got back from on Monday.

612-623Greg Laurie

628-638 J. Jackson, lead singer of ApologetiX (, the Christian parody band, talks about their ministry and being fans of my new book Shattered. 

644-652 J. Jackson