Friday, May 28, 2010

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400-408Ron Rhodes, President of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries (, and author of over 50 books, including his just-released 5-Minute Apologetics for Today and Find It Fast in the Bible.  When he's not teaching at Dallas or Talbot, he's teaching down at Veritas Evangelical Seminary in Murrieta.  For 7 years (1988-1995), he was the Associate Editor of the Christian Research Journal and a regular on the Bible Answer Man. 

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(1:42) Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Travis Smiley Show, this past Tuesday, 5/25/2010.

• PBS (5/25/2010) Ayaan Hirsi Ali on The Tavis Smiley Show.  [Video and Transcript]

Ali: Okay, I think first and foremost what we have to acknowledge is we're not going to get a monster with horns, blue in the face, looking like a dragon called jihad coming in and terrorizing us. The people who are engaged in terrorist activities look like you and me. They look like everybody else here.

Major Nidal Hasan, the military guy who in November shot 13 of his colleagues and injured 32, he's going to be on trial pretty soon, I think this week, the young man, Faisal Shahzad, in Times Square who tried to blow innocent people that he doesn't know up, these guys are acting on conviction. Somehow, the idea got into their minds that to kill other people is a great thing to do and that they would be rewarded in the hereafter.

Tavis: But Christians do that every single day in this country.

Ali: Do they blow people up (unintelligible)?

Tavis: Yes. Oh, Christians, every day, people walk into post offices, they walk into schools, that's what Columbine is - I could do this all day long. There are so many more examples of Christians - and I happen to be a Christian. That's back to this notion of your idealizing Christianity in my mind, to my read. There are so many more examples, Ayaan, of Christians who do that than you could ever give me examples of Muslims who have done that inside this country, where you live and work.

Ali: Well, I think you and I disagree, not so much on is there extremism in Christianity - I fully acknowledge that. There are people who want to take the bible and use passages from the bible as justification for violent behavior. I'm not denying that in the least. But mainstream Christians in the 21st century are more like you.

• Newsbusters (5/28/2010) PBS's Tavis Smiley: Far More Christian Terrorists Than Muslim Ones, Tea Party Comparable to Jihad.

413-423Ron Rhodes

428-437 Charles Kesler is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, editor of the Claremont Review of Books (, and professor of government at Claremont McKenna College. Kesler was one of my favorite professors in grad school, and he taught my favorite course The Federalist Papers.  Today we talk about the Sestak story out today, and a couple of pieces out of the new issue of the CRB.

• Fox News (5/28/2010) White House Asked Bill Clinton to Urge Sestak to Drop Out of Senate Race.

• Jonah Goldberg (5/28/2010) They Offered Him What?

Okay, going by Sestak's statement and Dan Foster's fine post below, I can only conclude that Sestak is either lying or a blowhard. Because, if he's telling the truth, that means he mistook a casual offer for a seat on some advisory board (Maritime Commission for the Rules of Card Games on Both Sides of the International Dateline or the Blue Ribbon Panel on the Perils of Accumulated Naval Navel Lint) as some kind of serious bribe to stay out of the Senate race. Right? I mean the whole point of Sestak spilling the beans about the "job offer" was for him to bolster his independent-against-the-machine cred. If it wasn't a job offer but instead was some third-rate perk, he shouldn't have pretended otherwise to seem like the one honest man in the whorehouse of politics. I hope he gets hounded by local press asking him to explain the disconnect. Something like:  "You said you were offered a job to get out of the race. This wasn't a job. We're you exaggerating then or are you lying now?"

443-452Charles Kesler.

458-508Jerry Bowyer, economist, nationally-syndicated columnist, and CNBC contributor (

• NRO Editors (5/28/2010) Extending the Deficit.

512-523Jerry Bowyer

528-538Scott Rae, Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Ethics at Talbot School of Theology (, and author of 6 books including his latest The Virtues of Capitalism (his Business as Transformational Service is coming out later this year).   Scott was one of my profs at Talbot back in the mid '90's, with expertise in both medical and business ethics, and he's an ethics consultant for four Southern California hospitals.  Today we talk about the South Korean Court ruling yesterday that frozen human embryos left over from fertility treatments are not human life forms – thus opening the door to radical experimentation on human embryos, cloning, and other horrors.

• Breitbart (5/28/2010) Frozen human embryos 'not life forms': S.Korean court.

544-554Scott Rae

558-608 Sean Dunn, the voice behind GroundWire ( and founder of Champion Ministries. leverages the world's technology to connect thousands of un-churched young people with the Gospel of Jesus. Their 60-second, Christ-centered spots are heard on many influential secular radio stations.   To become an online "coach", check out  For those interested in bringing groundwire to secular radio here in Los Angeles, email Sean at

612-623Sean Dunn

628-638 Ron Rhodes

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