Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today, we're out at APU, where earlier we had our KKLA 25th Anniversary Pastor Appreciation Luncheon with about 1,200 pastors and church leaders, Pastor Raul Ries gave the message, and over 1,000 took the VIP "Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls & Beyond" Tour to see never-before displayed artifacts including:  a 5,000 year old cuneiform tablet, five not-yet-translated DSS fragments from the time of Christ, Greek gospel codex from the 11th century, a Gutenberg Bible leaf from 1455, 4 original King James Bibles from 1611, an Elliot Bible from 1663 in the Algonquin Indian Language, a Lunar Bible from the 1970 Apollo 13 mission, the first Bible to leave the Earth, a first-edition Justification by Faith" by John Bunyan, and a bunch of his "Pilgrims Progresses," and a bunch of hand-written notes by C.S. Lewis.  The exhibit will be open until July 18.  General admission is $18.00, $12.00 for groups of 15 or more, and kids under 12 are $5.00.

400-408 Jon Wallace, President and CEO of Azusa Pacific University (

413-423Tom Andrews, Research historian for APU's Special Collections (, former academic dean from Westmont, and the former president of the Southern California historical society.

428-437Chip Lusko, Assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel Albuquerque, and Mike Macintosh, Pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship in San Diego, are hosting this Sunday night's Calvary Celebration with Pastor Chuck & Friends at the Anaheim Convention Center, that will kick off about 6pm.  And they'll be showing a preview of the new documentary about pastor Chuck and the Jesus Movement entitled Riptide (, 800-922-1888).

443-452 Phil Liberatore, the "IRS Problem Solver."

458-508Johnny Bench (Reprise)

512-523Tom Hume (Reprise)

TH 524 – [2:00] Don Rohde (818) 262-2092.  For the past 38 years, Don has been a sales manager at Galpin, the #1 volume Ford dealer in the world for the past 20 consecutive years.  Galpin has been family-owned and operated for the past 59 years, and 90% of their business is repeat or referral.  Galpin offers Ford, Lincoln-Mercury, Honda, Mazda, Saturn, Volvo, Jaguar, and Aston Martin.  Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley at Roscoe and the 405.

528-538Bryan London, with America's Christian Credit Union (1-800-343-6328,, was one of the sponsor's of today's event, and he shares that they're still doing loans to churches and non-profits at competitive rates, and they're still doing adoption loans.  He's joined by Linda Hartounian, Director of Business & Ministry Relations.

539 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, that's 866-733-5268 (

544-554 Tim Finlay, Associate Professor of Old Testament, APU School of Theology (, part of the APU Scholarship Team working on the Dead Sea Scrolls  One of APU's team of faculty scholars who researched the fragments.

558-608 Duane Patterson, Producer of the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, host of Duane FM found at, and the guy most responsible for me being in radio today.  We talk about some of the "early days."

612-623Duane Patterson

628-638James Charlesworth, Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Princeton Theological Seminary, and director and editor of their Dead Sea Scrolls Project (

644-652 Jon Wallace, President and CEO of Azusa Pacific University (

• Fox News (5/19/2010) New Mojave Desert Cross Sits in Limbo in California Desert.

• David Cortman, ADF (5/19/2010) Americans United Gets It Oh So Wrong on Idaho Textbooks Decision.

• Fox News (5/20/2010) Mexico's President Slams Arizona Law, Urges Congress to Pass Immigration Overhaul.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon on Thursday strongly denounced Arizona's new law clamping down on illegal immigrants and urged members of Congress to pass "comprehensive immigration reform."

• Fox News (5/20/2010) Calderon Criticism of Arizona Law Overlooks Mexico's Tough Immigration Policy.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been ripping into Arizona's immigration law as he tours Washington -- while appearing to disregard the way his own country cracks down on immigrants along Mexico's southern border