Tuesday, April 20, 2010

400-408 – • Ottawa Citizen (4/20/2010) Vacationing a human right, EU chief says.  They're going to raise taxes so that the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and youth between 18 and 25, can go on more vacations to promote "unity" between northern and southern Europe. Just wait, it's coming here soon.

• Fox News (4/20/2010) U.N.'s Ballooning $732 Million Haiti Peacekeeping Budget Goes Mostly to Its Own Personnel.  Only 5% gets to the Haitians?

413-423 – • CMI (4/20/2010) Some in Media Say 'No' to Promoting Hook Ups: Despite the sexual messages that permeate pop culture, some young women found that "hooking up" isn't all that great

428-437 Ladies, what would you say to young women about hooking up?  Any advice?  Any regrets?  Despite our efforts to pretend reality isn't real, it has the annoying habit of crashing into our lives anyway.

443-452David Rosales, pastor of my home church for the past 19 years (1991), the 10,000-member Calvary Chapel of the Chino Valley (  Today we talk about early detection and second opinions because David just had a basal cell carcinoma removed off his nose this past week that he had ignored for quite a while – what should have been a minor procedure, became something far more extensive.  See your dermatologist!

458-508 Mark Earley, former Virginia Attorney General and now president of Prison Fellowship Ministries (, whom you hear regularly on Breakpoint at 4:55pm.  Today we talk about some of the PF success stories.

512-523Mark Earley

528-538 Richard Brookhiser ( long-time journalist for National Review and author of many excellent books on the founding fathers, including his classic Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington, (which I'm just finishing now).  He had his first article published in National Review when he was a sophomore in high school!  And he turned down his acceptance to Yale Law School to work for National Review full time, and became the senior editor at 23. His most recent book is entitled Right Time, Right Place: Coming of Age with William F. Buckley Jr. and the Conservative Movement.  Today, we talk about George Washington.

Richard Brookhiser's Books:

Right Time, Right Place (Basic Books, 2009)

George Washington on Leadership (Basic Books, 2008)

What Would the Founders Do? Our Questions, Their Answers (Basic Books, 2006)

Gentleman Revolutionary: Gouverneur Morris, The Rake Who Wrote the Constitution (The Free Press, 2003)

America's First Dynasty: The Adamses 1735-1918 (The Free Press, 2002)

Alexander Hamilton, American (The Free Press, 1999)

Rules of Civility: The 110 Precepts That Guided Our First President in War and Peace (The Free Press, 1997; University of Virginia Press, 2003)

Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington (The Free Press, 1996)

544-554 Richard Brookhiser

555 – [2:00] "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor from Applied Financial Planning at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL (

558-608Dr. Jill Hubbard, clinical psychologist, heard regularly as part of the New Life Live ( team heard weekdays here on KKLA at 2:00pm, she brings a gentle and insightful woman's perspective to all the issues, balancing the guys very nicely – and she's been there since the inception of the ministry.  She's a graduate of Westmont, Biola, and California Graduate Institute.  She's in private practice in Costa Mesa, helping clients who struggle with depression, addictions, eating disorders, women's issues, perfectionism, ongoing depression, issues of self, emerging from abuse, attachment and relational issues, and personal growth.   She is the author of The Secrets Women Keep: What Women Hide and the Truth that Brings Them Freedom, as well as The Secrets Young Women Keep.  Today, we talk about teen sexuality, and how to respond when our children fail.

612-623Dr. Jill Hubbard.

628-638Dr. Jill Hubbard. 

644-652Dr. Jill Hubbard. 

• Reuters (4/19/2010) Arizona passes tough illegal immigration law.

• CNS News (4/20/2010) Arizona Sheriff Says Cops Are Being Killed by Illegal Aliens; Joins Call for U.S. Troops at Border.

• Andy McCarthy (4/20/2010) SEC v. Goldman & Obama's Political Operation.

• Andy McCarthy (4/20/2010) In Search of a Villain:  In SEC v. Goldman Sachs, the government makes Wall Street the fall guy.

• Byron York (4/20/2010) What's behind the anti-Tea Party hate narrative?

• Peter Wallison (4/20/2010) Fannie and Freddie Amnesia: Taxpayers are on the hook for about $400 billion, partly because Sen. Obama helped to block reform.

• WSJ (4/20/2010) The SEC's Impeccable Timing: The Goldman suit helped to hide the IG report on the Stanford debacle.

• WSJ (4/20/2010) Goldman Sachs Profit Soars as Company Faces Legal Storm.