Monday, April 19, 2010

Today we're down here at the Dove Canyon Golf Club for the 6th Annual Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic benefiting Harvest Crusades (, coming to Anaheim August 6-7-8.  To make a pledge to donate a Start!Bible, call 800-821-3300 right now!  Each Bible is just $2.00, and we're asking you to buy 25 for $50 bucks.  For those businesses who give $2,000 to buy 1,000 Bibles, we'll give you a $3,500 KKLA Advertising Package for your business or for you to give to your church or favorite ministry.  Get a Bible into the hand of everyone who says "yes" to the gospel at Harvest 2010!

Last year's numbers, 126,000 people attended and there were 11,969 decisions who personally talked to a counselor and were given a Bible – and 80% of those who went forward were brought by a friend.  So bring somebody!  

Friday Night Artists are The Katinas and David Crowder.

Saturday Youth Night Artists are The Katinas, Sanctus Real, Phil Wickham, OC Supertones.  Last year, 47,000 attended the Saturday youth night, with 4,488 who personally talked to a counselor and were given a Bible.

Sunday Night Artists are The Katinas, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and Mercy Me. The Night of Hope with Greg and Stephen sharing about the loss of their children.

Total Crusade attendance is now 4,014,968 with 329,572 people who came forward and personally talked to a counselor and were given a Bible!  So we need a lot of Bibles!

400-408 Mark and Shannon Finnigan, he is a Harvest Crusade director. He and his wife Shannon (then live-in girlfriend) were invited to the Harvest Crusade in 1994 by friends. They responded to the invitation that night and committed their lives to Christ, talked to a counselor and received a new believers Bible – they got married a week later. Today we talk about the importance of inviting people to the Harvest Crusades.

413-423 Brian Bird, co-founder of Believe Pictures (, with Michael Landon, Jr., and perhaps best known for having produced and written over 250 episodes of Touched by an Angel, Evening Shade, Step by Step, and The Family Man, along with his many movie and television accomplishments.  He and his wife Patti have been married for 30 years, enjoy five children, and are members of Saddleback.  He blogs at  

Brian is currently working on several projects:  1) He and Michael are making a very cool film for World Vision in Uganda called Hope Sunday that will be shown in churches across the country.  2) Brian is partnering with Ken Wales (Amazing Grace) to do The Ashley Smith Story, the true hostage crisis story in Atlanta five years ago in which she talked her captor into giving up after reading to him from the Purpose Driven Life.  And 3) He's also going to be doing The Shunning for Hallmark, based on the Beverly Lewis bestseller.

428-437Brian Bird

443-452Tony Amaradio, the presenting sponsor of the Christopher Laurie Memorial Golf Classic and the President and Chief Strategist of Select Portfolio Management, Inc., and author of Faithful With Much: Breaking Down the Barriers to Generous Giving (

458-508How have you been touched by the Harvest Crusades?

512-523Lynn Edgington, founder-president of Eagle Research Associates (949-837-6078), warns us of the latest scams targeting seniors (  Lynn is bringing his workshop to Agoura Hills on May 15.

528-538 Lynn Edgington

544-554 Greg Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside (, and host of A New Beginning now heard twice daily here on KKLA, at 5:30am, and 12:30pm.  Greg's new book is entitled Sign of the Times.

558-608Greg Laurie Congratulations to a buddy of mine Frank Grau (,, an illustrator who did the art work for the now number one paid book-app for the iPad, #39 for all iPad apps, and is already in the top 100 for all iPhone app. It's an app called "Jack and the Beanstalk Children's Interactive Storybook" produced by Ayars Animation, and you can check out on the iTunes Store. It's really cool because, as the title implies, it's an illustrated book filled with games, animations, audio, and cool interactive features. So, Frank, congratulations buddy, way to go!

612-623 Greg Laurie & Greg Monk.

628-638John Collins, Executive Director of the Harvest Crusades (, invites people to get involved in serving at this year's Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium August 6-7-8.  Fieldy, the bassist for the rock band Korn has chosen to donate his custom Harley to be auctioned off on eBay with all proceeds going to fund this year's crusade.

644-652Mark and Shannon Finnigan