Monday, April 5, 2010

400-408 • AP (4/5/2010) Ohio Christian convert fights to stay in USAre you pulling for the parents or the girl?  What if it  was your daughter and she ran off to be with the Moonies, or Scientologists, or some other cult, would you still feel the same way?  How should the law be written in this regard?  Did you ever run away from your parents?  Did you ever flee an abusive home life?  How about when you became a Christian, did they want to disown you, kick you out, threaten you?

• TIME (8/24/2009) A Florida Culture-War Circus Over Rifqa Bary.

• Big Journalism (3/12/2010) Running Out the Clock On Rifqa Bary While the Dhimmi Media Sleeps.

413-423 Calls



458-508Mark Joseph runs MJM Entertainment Group and the website  He's been the host of a television show (The Interview), been involved in 19 films (including The Chronicles of Narnia and Passion of the Christ), he's got his own record label (Bully! Pulpit Record's first artist is Molly Jensen), he's written four books (Sarah Barracuda: The Rise of Sarah Palin, The Rock & Roll Rebellion, along with Faith, God & Rock 'n' Roll, and Pop Goes Religion), and he writes regularly for Fox News, Huffington Post, National Review Online, Christianity Today, and Townhall.  But, most of all, he's got four kids.  We talk about Obamacare and his upcoming movie called Doonby staring John Schneider.

• Mark Joseph, Huffington Post (3/29/2010) President Obama Should Embrace the Socialist Label.

512-523Mark Joseph

528-538 Jeff Schadt, Executive Director of the Youth Transition Network (, an organization that helps young adults transition from high school to college, and author of Going, Going, Gone!: Protecting Teens' Hearts That Are on the Edge.  YTN's transition site for students is   Today we talk about what really goes on in youth group, and why we're not connecting with young adults.

544-554 Jeff Schadt

558-608Charles Kesler is a senior fellow of the Claremont Institute, editor of the Claremont Review of Books (, and professor of government at Claremont McKenna College.  Kesler was one of my favorite professors in grad school, and he taught my favorite course The Federalist Papers.  The Claremont Institute just had their 30th Anniversary Dinner back on March 27th, and former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke.  Today we talk about the Tea Party Movement, and whether the slide towards European big government is inevitable in America.

• Charles Kesler, CRB (3/21/2010) The Tea Party Spirit.

612-623 Charles Kesler

628-638 David French, head of the ADF Center for Academic Freedom (,, 1-800-TELL-ADF), the only litigation unit of its kind dedicated to fighting for religious freedom on campus.  Today we talk about the Hastings Law School case that will be argued before SCOTUS on April 19, and the Mike Adams case at  UNC-Wilmington.

644-652David French

• LA Times (4/5/2010) Bending yoga to fit their worship needs.

• CNN (3/31/2010) $250 million for abstinence education not evidence-based, groups say

(:30) BO First Pitch (President Obama being announced as he takes wears a Nationals jacket, takes the mound, pulls out his White Sox hat and throws out the ceremonial first pitch of today's National's Game, Washington DC @ 4/5/2010). Happy Opening Day!

• Washington Times (4/5/2010) Missed by a mile!