Friday, April 9, 2010

400-408Nathan Foster (, assistant professor of social work at Spring Arbor University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and founder-director of Door of Hope Counseling in Arvada, Colorado.  His father is the famous Christian author Richard Foster, founder of Renovare and author of many books, including his classic Celebration of Discipline.  Nathan wrote a book about getting to know his father and himself better – through ten years of mountaineering adventures! – it's entitled Wisdom Chaser: Finding My Father at 14,000 Feet.  Nathan is married and has two children.  Near the beginning of the book Nathan writes, "The little I knew about my father I didn't much like," and from there he goes on to confront his dad about the wounds of his childhood.  Their friendship deepens, as they experience climbing success, failure, and some pretty terrifying close calls in unforgiving mountain passes.  A touching and insightful father-son book, that showcases the significance of relationships – especially within our own families.

413-423Nathan Foster

428-437 Nathan Foster

443-452Nathan Foster

458-508 Philip Jenkins, Professor of History and Religious Studies at Penn State University (, talks about his latest book Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Would Believe for the Next 1,500 Years.

• Statesman (4/6/2010) The true nature of Jesus sparked war and bloodshed centuries ago, author says.

512-523Philip Jenkins

528-538Andy Bales, the CEO of the Union Rescue Mission (, talks about the new injunction that is pending before a judge here in LA that will allow law enforcement to arrest 80 known drug dealers from selling their poison on skid row, and an additional 300 future dealers when they move in to fill the void.  Andy initiated the whole idea, in conjunction with the other missions down there, but there are groups that want to prohibit the injunction from being implemented.  The "good guys" who are supporting the injunction are:  SRO Housing, the LA Mission, the Midnight Mission, the Weingart Center, the Volunteers of America, and the URM.  The "bad guys" fighting the injunction are:  LA CAN, the Catholic Workers House, and UCLA law professor Gary Blasi.  To donate to the URM to help them get the injunction approved, call (213) 347-6300, or give online at  

• LA Times Blogs (4/7/2010) Sweeping injunction targets "commuter drug dealers" in downtown L.A.

• Daily News (4/7/2010) City targets crime on Skid Row.

544-554Andy Bales

558-608Bob Hamer, is a real-life Jack Bauer, a veteran FBI agent who's spent 26 years infiltrating and working undercover in the Russian mob, the Iraqi syndicate, the Crips, La Costa Nostra, and his last undercover, infiltrating NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association.  A Marine, a law school graduate, a recipient of the FBI Director's Award for Distinguished Service, but most importantly, a husband and father, is out with his latest entitled Enemies Among Us (  It's set in Los Angeles, and it tells the story of Matt Hogan posing as a volunteer at a Christian medical charity that is supposed to be helping third-world children, but is instead, a front for terrorists.  It's published by Fidelis, a group led by Oliver North, of writers who are the real thing, combat veterans, world champion martial artists, and undercover agents.

612-623Bob Hamer

628-638Bob Hamer

644-652Bob Hamer

• Jonah Goldberg (4/9/2010) If We Europeanize, Europe is in Trouble.

• Victor Davis Hanson (4/9/2010) Our American Catharsis: Will Obama-time be a transitory experience or an enduring tragedy?

• Peggy Noonan (4/9/2010) After the Crash, a Crashing Bore: The men behind the bailout take refuge in impenetrable jargon.