Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today we're partnering with Cure International to save the physical and spiritual lives of children in the developing world.  CURE is a medical-spiritual ministry that was started by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Harrison in Kenya in 1998 – and he not only saved the kids' physical lives, but also their spiritual lives, because he shared the love of Jesus with every one of his patients.  Since then, CURE has seen 105,000 children come to faith in Christ through their ministry.  Each year, CURE performs 12,000 life-transforming surgeries in Malawi, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Zambia, Dominican Republic, Uganda and Kenya, dealing with diseases like clubfoot, scoliosis, hydrocephalus and other deformities.  For as little as $125 you can save the life of a child, give them a chance to walk, and share with them the love of Christ.  To help, call 888-877-8994, or go to and click on the CURE banner.

Joining us in studio, from CURE International, Jack Eason.

And on the phone, founder and CEO of CURE International, Dr. Scott Harrison, who founded the ministry with his wife Sally in 1996, and opened their first hospital in Kenya in 1998.