Monday, March 22, 2010

400-408 Chip Hurd & Shawn Walden, Chip (f) is the director of The Passion Play out at Shepherd of the Hills (, and Shawn is the evangelism pastor at Shepherd of the Hills, and The Passion Play it's their big, annual, community-wide theatrical performance of the story of Easter, with outstanding vocalists, original music, drama, dance, live animals, and elaborate sets, detailed costuming and special effects.  The shows will run from March 25th through April 3rd.  Tickets are available online at or by calling 818-831-7880.

413-423Frank Tanana, the former Angel great who spent over 20 years pitching in the major leagues, from 1973 to 1993, will be speaking this Thursday, March 25th, at the Kindred Dinner out at Tustin Ranch Golf Course.  They still have some slots open if you'd like to play golf, the cost is $150 per person, and you'll tee off at 11am.  But, if you want to just come to the dinner, the cost is $25 and will start at 5pm, this Thursday.  To buy tickets, go to

428-437Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (, an organization "committed to demonstrating the synergy of American democracy and its founding principles with the religion of Islam," is a former Navy Lieutenant Commander in the Medical Corps, former president of the Arizona Medical Association now an Internist in private practice in Phoenix.  The documentary he narrates, The Third Jihad ( is excellent!

443-452Dr. Zuhdi Jasser

458-508David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (, and editor of Frontpage Magazine (,,  Today we talk about yesterday's health care vote.  We talk today about his touching new book about both losing and finding his daughter, Sarah, who died last year at the age of 44, it's entitled A Cracking of the Heart.  

512-523David Horowitz

528-538Carl Moeller, President/CEO of Open Doors USA (, an affiliate of Open Doors International founded by Brother Andrew, and their mission is to support the persecuted church around the world – which they've done for the past 54 years.  Their 350 employees work in 20 offices around the world and minister to persecuted Christians in 45 countries. Today we talk about the slaughtering of Christians in Nigeria.

• ChristianNewsWire (3/17/10) Open Doors to Provide Emergency Relief in Nigeria: Christian Victims of Attacks in Jos Area Need Medicines, Food, Shelter.

544-554 Phil Liberatore, with the IRS Problem Solvers (, 877-6-SOLVER).  Today we talk about the stink with his "IRS Problem Solver" branding.

• PR Newswire (3/18/10) Playing Politics With the IRS Problem Solver: California's Democratic Secretary of State Deborah Bowen Rejects Congressional Candidate Phil Liberatore's Ballot Identification.

WHITTIER, Calif., March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- California's top elected Democrat, Secretary of State Deborah Bowen, has rejected Republican Congressional candidate Phil Liberatore's ballot designation, alleging that Liberatore's description as "IRS Problem Solver," is broad and associated with an entity or organization. But Liberatore, known across Southern California as the "IRS Problem Solver" from thousands of radio ads that have aired offering his tax resolution services, is fighting back:

"I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years advertising here and listeners know me as the IRS Problem Solver who solves problems with the Internal Revenue Service," said Liberatore.

Liberatore is challenging GOP veteran Gary Miller in a district that stretches across three Southern California counties from Mission Viejo to Whittier, offering a tough challenge to the incumbent Miller in a campaign highlighting Miller's support of President Obama's agenda, voting in favor of the TARP bailout bills. Liberatore is also a published author whose book "An Inside Look At The IRS," will hit bookstores this Spring.

"For the past 15 years on 99.5FM KKLA, Phil has been known as the 'IRS Problem Solver,'" noted Frank Pastore, host of The Frank Pastore Show. "Ask any of our tens of thousands of listeners, many of whom live in his congressional district, who the IRS Problem Solver is and they'll know that you're referring to Phil– he simply is the IRS Problem Solver.  To reject his well-deserved brand name, smacks of the type of petty electoral politics Californians have come to detest.  I wonder who's afraid of allowing Phil to use the name he is known by?"

Liberatore promises an appeal:

"This is plainly politics," he responded. "Secretary Bowen knows how much Americans dislike the IRS and she doesn't like the fact that it is part of who I am and is seeking to limit the information that voters can have. I trust voters to make an informed decision about who can best represent them and I am determined to go to Washington to alleviate the influence of the IRS over American lives. This is just the first of many speed bumps ahead placed by career politicians who are fighting change."

558-608Chris Larson, executive vice president of Ligonier Ministries, the organization behind the Renewing Your Mind radio show with R.C. Sproul ( heard weekdays here on KKLA at Noon.  R.C. will be speaking with Michael Horton, John MacArthur and Peter Jones at the 2010 West Coast Conference called Christless Christianity, Friday March 26th at 2pm and Saturday the 27th till 4:30pm Grace Community Church in Sun Valley. To register, go to or click here.

612-623 Art Hobba, an author and speaker of SELLER Selling (a universal 6-step sales process). He's the founder and director of Core 300 ( and the CEO of Transcende ( His book Called To War: Out of the Stands and Into the Arena ( comes out April 15th.  Get 30% if you pre-order right now at

628-638 Art Hobba

644-652Frank Tanana

(:40) Health Care Passed. (Bret Baier of Fox News covers the final vote for in the House as members chant "Yes We Can!" @ Sunday 3/21/2010)

(7:50) PO Health Care full. (President Obama speaking in Washington DC after the final vote for health care @ 3/21/2010)

(1:01) PO HC 1 short. Tonight after 100 years, the US Congress declares health care reform passed.

(:45) PO HC 2 short. If you have health insurance, if you don't have health insurance . . .

(:40) PO HC 3 short.  This reform is the right thing to do for seniors and for our future.

(:01) PO HC 3b short. This is what change looks like.

(4:22) Stupak on Fox. (Megyn Kelly on Fox news interviews Congressman Bart Stupak regarding @ Monday 3/22/2010) The vote and criticism from pro-life groups is discussed.

(:20) Pelosi: Women. (Nancy Pelosi speaking in Washington DC right before the vote on Sunday @ 3/21/2010)

 • MSN (3/22/2010) How the health care overhaul could affect you.

• Bill Burck & Dana Perino, NRO Corner (3/21/2010) The Executive-Order Farce.

Not to pile on Yuval and Andy's fine work on this point, but it is truly astonishing that Rep. Bart Stupak has been duped into thinking the president's executive order has done, or can do, anything to alter the Senate bill. Executive orders have the force of law only within the executive branch and only to the extent they are consistent with legislation. Stupak believes that the Senate bill does not do enough to prohibit the use of federal funds; what he apparently does not realize is that the executive order can do no more to prohibit use of federal funds for abortion than the Senate bill does. If there is any inconsistency between the executive order and the bill, the order gives way to the bill. Moreover, as is typical of executive orders, this one explicitly says that it creates no right at law to sue the U.S. government if funds in fact are paid for abortions. So, the executive order is a nullity. Stupak has allowed himself to be tricked into supporting a bill that he disagrees with on the basis of an executive order that does precisely nothing to alleviate his concerns.  —  Bill Burck is a former federal prosecutor and deputy counsel to Pres. George W. Bush. Dana Perino is former press secretary to President Bush.

• Andy McCarthy, NRO Corner (3/21/2010) Executive-Order Hijinks.

I know we tire of the hypocrisy, but I really think this is remarkable. We spent the eight years through Jan. 19, 2009, listening to Democrats complain that President Bush had purportedly caused a constitutional crisis by issuing signing statements when he signed bills into law. Democrats and Arlen Specter (now a Democrat) complained that these unenforceable, non-binding expressions of the executive's interpretation of the laws Bush was signing were a usurpation Congress's power to enact legislation.

But now Democrats are going to abide not a mere signing statement but an executive order that purports to have the effect of legislation — in fact, has the effect of nullifying legislation that Congress is simultaneously enacting?

The Susan B. Anthony List's observation that EOs can be rescinded at the president's whim is of course true. This particular EO is also a nullity — presidents cannot enact laws, the Supreme Court has said they cannot impound funds that Congress allocates, and (as a friend points out) the line-item veto has been held unconstitutional, so they can't use executive orders to strike provisions in a bill. So this anti-abortion EO is blatant chicanery: If the pro-lifers purport to be satisfied by it, they are participating in a transparent fraud and selling out the pro-life cause.

But even if all that weren't true, how do we go from congressional Democrats claiming that signing statements were a shredding of the Constitution to congressional Democrats acquiescing in a claim that the president can enact or cancel out statutory law by diktat?

• Yulal Levin, NRO Corner (3/21/2010) The Order.

Upon first hearing there was talk of an executive order yesterday, I wondered how the administration's lawyers thought such an order could go beyond the letter of the law in restricting abortion funding. This was a question the Bush administration examined quite extensively on several occasions, and the lawyers involved always agreed that the legal precedents from the time between the Roe decision and passage of the Hyde amendment, as well as some after the Hyde amendment, are extremely clear in stating that federal funds cannot be denied to the provision of abortion except by explicit legislative prohibition. That's why the Hyde amendment was necessary. But the Hyde amendment wouldn't apply to this bill, since it applies only to the annual HHS appropriations bill. Hence Stupak's concern. So what could the White House possibly give Stupak that would not be thrown out by any federal judge in a second?

Looking at the executive order (which you can read here), the answer is clearly nothing. The executive order quite literally does nothing that the Senate bill does not already do, and it is careful to say as much. It offers a kind of narrative of what champions of the bill claim it does with regard to abortion (claims that Rep. Stupak among others has disputed for months), and then says the executive branch will make various people aware of this understanding of what the law says. It orders no action (only the usual promulgation of regulations the law requires anyway) and offers no interpretation beyond that.

If Rep. Stupak and his fellow pro-life Democrats were not satisfied with the protections against taxpayer funding of abortion in the Senate bill (as they rightly were not), there is simply nothing in the text of the order that should change their minds.