Monday, March 29, 2010

Be sure you listen this Wednesday, March 31st, from 5pm-6pm to hear Dr. Hugh Ross (Old Earth) from Reasons to Believe and Jason Lisle (Young Earth) from Answers in Genesis debate the age of the earth LIVE here on the Frank Pastore Show!  Don't miss it!  I'm calling it "Thousands or Millions?"

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400-408 Larry Richards, author of over 250 books, including his six-novel The Invisible War Series (, will be leading a Freedom Workshop in Fullerton at California State Christian University ( next Friday and Saturday, April 9 and 10.  Register online or by calling 800-913-1920. (The cost $49.)

413-423 Larry Richards

428-437Alan Sears, President of the Alliance Defense Fund (, is out with a brand new novel entitled In Justice – today's fiction could be tomorrow's headlines (link).  Do we still have the freedom to disagree?

• Houston Chronicle (3/29/2010) Students want 'Our Lord' phrase off diplomas.

443-452Alan Sears

458-508Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Council (, and dean of the Liberty University School of Law (, whose latest book is Same Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk.  Today we talk about their health regulations lawsuit and about The Awakening – an exciting event taking place April 15-16th at Liberty University in Virginia (

512-523Mat Staver

528-538 USAF Ret. Lt. General Tom McInerney, was the #3 man in the USAF as the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff, and was the Director of the Defense Performance Review, you see him regularly on Fox News as a senior military analyst, and he's the author of Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror.  Today we talk about Moscow and the president's visit to Afghanistan.

• CNN (3/29/2010) Female suicide bombers blamed in Moscow subway attacks.

544-554 • Telegraph UK News (3/27/2010) Biblical plagues really happened say scientists.

558-608Norm Geisler ( is a patriarch of Christian apologetics in America, he's the author or co-author of over 70 books and hundreds of articles, he's taught theology, philosophy, and apologetics at the college or graduate level for the past 60 years, he's spoken or debated in 26 countries on six continents, and he's taught at some of the top seminaries in the United States.  He's recently helped launch Veritas Evangelical Seminary down in Murietta, on the campus of Calvary Chapel Bible College (  Today we talk about his book The Apologetics of Jesus: A Caring Approach to Dealing with Doubters.  Norm will be teaching at Veritas in April and May, and to hear him, you don't need to enroll in the seminary, you can just pay a nominal auditing fee.  Get more info at their website.

612-623 Norman Geisler

628-638 • Telegraph UK News (3/29/2010) 'Removing crucifix would violate my faith' Christian nurse tells tribunal.


• AP (3/29/2010) 9 militia members charged in police-killing plot.

• Fox News (3/29/2010) Nine Charged in Bullying of Massachusetts Teen Who Killed Herself. Calls from parents: Do your kids encounter bullying at school?  In your opinion, is it worse than when you were a kid?  How are you handling it?  Teachers- how do you handle it when you see it?

• FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) (3/29/2010) Duke Keeps Pro-Life Group Out of Women's Center During 'Week for Life.'